August 24, 2017

101 Year Old Texana Hollis Booted from Her House of 58 Yrs By HUD

UPDATE TO THIS STORY: I have just read that Texana Hollis has been told she can move back in immediately and live in the home for the rest of her days. Apparently, HUD realized the error of their ways… my question is what did they do with all of her belongings that were kicked to the curb when eviction officers showed up to boot her? And is HUD going to pay for someone to come back and move her in? Seriously, with all the wasted money our government just peels through each day, is the system so screwed up as to allow this to even happen? And what if Texana never makes it out of the hospital where she is now after suffering an anxiety attack? Dear God help us… help the American people wake up en masse to the horrors of our government, to the Obama Administration and to the jackasses in Congress, especially the corrupt Senate; and help them have the resolve needed to forever correct the bad choices made in past elections. Help them to not elect “pretty people” or “slick people” who will say what “our itching ears want to hear.” We need leadership, we need bold people and we really need courageous people in Congress especially. And, as Americans, we need to stop living beyond our means and stop asking, no expecting, the federal government to do everything for us. It is a beast and we must tame it. Amen.

This story just flat pisses me off and makes my blood boil… the damn federal government wastes BILLIONS every year and one could make the argument that we waste BILLIONS every day fighting other people’s wars, allowing fraud and corruption to run amuck throughout every level, nook and cranny of the massive bureaucracy in our federal government; yet, these snakes at HUD don’t even have the decency to figure out how to keep a 101 year old woman in her home who got a reverse mortgage? Incomprehensible… and I still want to know how they foreclosed and booted her to the sidewalk on a reverse mortgage! Reverse mortgages are supposed to be due and payable upon the senior’s death… Texana is still living!

I would like to encourage every reader of this story to send HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan a scathing email! Let him have it with every bit of emotion that this story builds within you! Seriously folks, don’t hold back and while you’re at it, let the communist OBAMA have it via a carbon copy of that email. I won’t even give Obama the respect of calling him President anymore, he’s just an idiot occupying space for 14 more months.

Here are the two email addresses for you:

HUD Secretary: [email protected]
Barack Obama:  Oh yeah, I forgot, BHO is too exalted to give us servants his email address, CLICK HERE to submit a form with your message.

All of you in government need to go. You let stuff like this happen on your watch and you deserve to be thrown out in the street. Why does this happen? Because you have let the bank executives get away with crime after crime after crime. As a regular citizen, I would have gone to jail years ago for the same crimes the banks and politicians have committed over and over and over. Shame on all of you. I’m disgusted and I can’t wait to see you thrown on your backsides in November 2012!

Watch in horror:

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