August 18, 2017

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There are many authors featured here on this website. The views expressed on this website are not necessarily mine or those of every author. My goal is to provide you, my readers, with fresh, quality content daily from some thought leaders I find qualified to read. Enjoy this content, or you may disagree, or even hate it. That’s ok, we all have the wonderful right to freedom of speech. All authors are entitled to that constitutional right and I feature some here on this blog.

My role and passion has been to really search for the causation of this economic recession and the collapse of the housing and financial markets. I also aim to assist all parties in figuring this “thing” out and working together to do so. If greed cannot be sidelined, we shall all pay the price.



I believe in God. I believe in Freedom. I believe in the Constitution of the United States. I believe in the Right to Choose and the Right to Choose Right. I believe in Due Process and I believe in Justice. I believe in Good and I believe in Evil. I believe in I but I also believe in We and Us Too – and I also believe in YOU!

I am married and have two boys, 9 & 11 yrs. old. I am a veteran and served in the US Army as a combat field medic. After returning to civilian life I worked as a nurse in intensive care units for 5 years.

I have ten years experience in the mortgage banking and finance field along with over two thousand (2000) hours of research and study in the areas of the Secondary Mortgage Market, the Truth in Lending the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Foreclosure Litigation, Asset-Backed Securitization and its effects and applications in Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation. As a sujbect matter expert on these issues, I specialize in helping victims of predatory loans, servicing abuse, servicer fraud and foreclosure fraud on behalf of consumers and the attorneys who represent them. I maintain regular continuing education in banking and finance in the state of Florida. I also maintain an active real estate license in Florida.

I fully believe that lending can be done responsibly and, in the process, lenders can help people achieve their dreams. Not all mortgage brokers or lenders are bad. The secondary mortgage market is essential to a vibrant, healthy housing market. There really are good people in the mortgage and banking industry and there are many bad, greedy characters too. The housing boom unfortunately attracted a lot of unscrupulous and un-American people into the mortgage industry. I do believe the “Servicing Industry” run by the big banks should be completely overhauled and fully regulated with a “one eye cocked” attitude. It is my opinion that the big banks and their servicing units are at the epicenter of everything that is wrong in the housing market in this country. They really do not care despite millions and millions in advertising dollars trying to convince us otherwise.

The core of my analytics practice involves crisis and foreclosure intervention, problem resolution, and mediation on behalf of borrowers who are experiencing difficulties with their mortgage servicers and who may be victims of predatory lending practices and/or foreclosure fraud whereby a party files foreclosure who does not have ownership interest in the debt. I rely upon the objective data produced incident to auditing their loan transactions, servicing disclosures and other documents as the basis for negotiating fair-minded solutions that avert litigation, preserve homeownership, and protect the certificate-holders and investors who have an equal but opposite interest at stake.

A significant portion of this practice consists of providing litigation support services to attorneys who represent clients that have been negatively impacted by harmful, irresponsible or abusive practices in the origination and servicing of these complex transactions.

I am also the Founder & CEO of Herocare, Inc. In 2005 I started developing HEROCARE in an effort to help out the people who are the core of our country and the core of the forgotten middle class – our essential service workers like our military, police, fire, teachers and nurses, just to name a few. Herocare has grown incredibly fast and is now operating in 21 states and about 50 counties across the US from Florida to Hawaii.

In the process of building Herocare, two common requests kept coming up… “I need help with foreclosure” and “I need help with my debt and credit.” These common requests prompted me to spend hundreds of hours of research which still continues to this day. What I have uncovered has both enraged me and impassioned me to help the “little guy” fight the “big guys” in the classic David vs. Goliath showdowns every day. We are being defrauded by an entire system and government that literally cleans our clocks every day. The only thing we can do is “get off the sidelines” and fight – lest we become indentured in modern day slavery.

I am here to help if you need and don’t mind you asking for it.

I can be reached by email at [email protected]

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