August 18, 2017

About the War


American citizens are in a literal war… right here at home, for our homes and for every last constitutional right we have – collectively and individually. In the last decade, we have witnessed the largest failure of leadership in our nation’s history. We are losing our individual and collective freedoms bit by bit; government has grown completely out of control and we are on the verge of socialism with the bailouts and runaway government spending on growing government and dependency on government.

At every turn you find corruption rooted in greed. Greed for power and greed for a rapidly declining currency. Corrupt politicians have become the norm rather than the exception. Congress gets paid to argue and do practically nothing constructive as they answer to big money lobbyists who pay for their campaigns. Tax dollars are wasted and corporations get away with crime after crime. Shall I continue?

Millions of Americans are losing their homes. Make no mistake about it, this was all preventable. But now we are losing our jobs, our incomes, our power as a country and our homes while the government takes more of our tax dollars and pays off white-collar criminals by wrapping these bailouts in a package of “necessity.”

This blog is dedicated to fighting the WAR ON THE HOME FRONT. Fighting the war against corrupt government… fighting the war against constitutional raiders… fighting the war for our homes… fighting the war against apathy and malaise. Through this site, I aim to inspire Patriots who peruse my site to get in the fight and hopefully give homeowners battling on the ultimate home-front a fighting chance to save their homes from foreclosure fraud, civil conspiracies, racketeering and other crimes.

Let me make one thing clear here: these tools aren’t for the true deadbeats who want something for nothing… people who think that someone should get their home free and clear just because _________. I’m seeing really good people lose their homes. They’re trying to work things out with their servicer. They always intended to pay back what they borrowed. They’ve lost a job or fallen on difficult times. The system is, however, their enemy. The government lies to them everyday and the reality is that all these bailouts have done NOTHING for the homeowner. The big banks are thieves running massive ponzi schemes. Beyond that, the real owner of their loan is being hidden behind a cloak of secrecy to cover up massive accounting scandals, securitization failures and corporate shell games. The banking industry, once my place of employment, is a shameful mess but rather than admit the failures, the industry at large instead has attempted to circumvent the system by committing fraud, by engaging in unconscionable and deceptive collection practices and has just simply failed to do right by their fellow citizens. 

The average American is hard-working and doesn’t bleed red or blue but rather red, white and blue. We agree with some positions on the left and some positions on the right; we are more centrist than exclusively right or left. We don’t have time to protest or march. We pay more than our fair share of taxes. We contribute, we go to church and we help those in need. Because we’re so busy minding our own business, we don’t get involved enough anymore. The average American has to shout out. We have to voice our outrage and we have to send messages.

This is your place to do just that… feel free to rant and rave here on this blog… I certainly hope you’re fed up too! I hope you demand action and change! I hope you use your vote to spur those changes on and I hope you get involved in this space so that we can send a large shout out to all those who preside over us in government that WE WILL FIGHT THIS WAR!

The gloves are off… let’s bring the fight home folks. Get involved in this Blog and share it with others! If you’d like to be a contributor, send me an email or comment and we can get you setup.

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