July 26, 2017

You’re rights are being stepped on… you gonna fight back?

Can I file a complaint against Obama for assault and battery? Don’t I wish…

I don’t know about you but I know those I talk to are really upset and there is a palpable rage growing that I know is real.

I have a fairly unique perspective in that I have regular business relationships with community leaders in at least 15 states. These men and women are very in touch with their communities and could pretty quickly give you some characterizations of how people are feeling… how things are going… what are people angry about… what people are happy about, etc. etc.

I’m going to be inviting all of them to come to this forum and share what’s going on from their perspective.

Why is this important? Well, I truly believe we are facing an all-out assault on our constitution. Like, it’s happening right now… I really believe we have to truly “get in the fight” right now or we will lose valuable ground to people who want to legislate and tax us to no end – their policies will absolutely lead to a diminished America.

I’m sure that those who fought our previous wars didn’t “want” to have to leave comforts of home or work hard, train long and ultimately “sacrifice” their life and the comforts of home but it became a crisis of moral necessity. Do not make the grave mistake of thinking that we can’t literally go back 200 years in short form from a freedom perspective. A revolution is what we need now. A peaceful one in hopes that a peaceful revolution will prevent a bloody one.

We are blessed that, at current, we do not literally need to bear arms and fight a bloody revolution because the oppression hasn’t grown to that level yet. If we are lazy, apathetic and simply choose to remain in this “fog of materialistic pleasure” and forget how much blood has had to be spilled to have these freedoms, well, if that happens, I believe these freedoms will disappear.

Please, do not let us as a nation, be ignorant of World History and American History. Don’t let us be the generation that history looks back on and says, “they just fell asleep at the wheel and didn’t stop it when it should have. Now look at all the pain and blood we’ve had to give to try and get what they had back.”

I pray we don’t convey that terrible price to our kids or grandchildren but that may become reality unless we do act; and we WILL.

So, get involved in this and in your communities. It’s that important that it demands you give “getting involved” some of your time. Make a conscious, daily effort to be a defender of liberty and our precious constitutional rights. Protect them vigorously.



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