August 21, 2017

Consumer Bankruptcy Fee Study

I have just finished reading Lois Lupica’s paper on her impressive consumer bankruptcy fee … [Read more...]

The Student Loan Tax

As student loan debt passed the $1 trillion mark, President Obama, speaking at Chapel Hill … [Read more...]

Call for Papers – AALS 2013

The Creditors' and Debtors' Rights section of the Association of American Law Schools … [Read more...]

New Panel Data!

The Fed has just released their data from the 2007-2009 panel Survey of Consumer Finances.  The SCF, … [Read more...]

No Mortgage Deal but Banks get Free Pass

The national mortgage settlement among federal and state regulators and major banks, announced with … [Read more...]

FHFA’s Fake $100 Billion Number

The critical point made in the Democratic Congressmen's letter to FHFA is this:  Director … [Read more...]

The Permanent Foreclosure Crisis and Obama’s Refinancing Obsession

For the umpteenth time, President Obama has announced that his solution to the foreclosure crisis is … [Read more...]

Justice Calls for Foreclosure Mediation Support

The Justice Department's project on access to justice has issued a report summarizing current … [Read more...]

Anna Nicole Smith, the Constitution, and Bankruptcy

To all law profs out there who plan to attend next week's Association of American Law Schools … [Read more...]

Laboratories of Democracy and the Commissioners of Uniformity

States have passed a variety of changes to foreclosure laws and court rules in response to the … [Read more...]

Occupiers Target Foreclosures

Occupy Wall Street have announced a national day of action around mortgage foreclosures and … [Read more...]

Get your Independent Foreclosure Review!

OCC and the Federal Reserve announced this week that banks who service mortgages will be sending … [Read more...]

Occupiers on Bank Law: Fix It

If the Occupy Wall Street protests stand for anything they stand for a popular demand to rein in the … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Crisis in Europe vs US

While European markets have seen increases in mortgage foreclosures, more robust regulatory … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Pushing Foreclosures

Story in the Detroit Free Press today here, and my commentary at Consumer Law & Policy here. … [Read more...]

Fed to Wells: $7000 for Wrongful Foreclosure

Yesterday the Fed announced a settlement with Wells Fargo of claims that its subprime unit had 1) … [Read more...]

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