July 26, 2017

Exit Consents Killed in England?

The English High Court just ruled in Assenagon Asset Management S.A. v. Irish Bank Resolution … [Read more...]

The Awesome Pari Passu Hearing

The Second Circuit argument in NML v. Argentina was awesome--I was at the edge of my seat the whole … [Read more...]

Sovereign Friday Bits: Pari Passu Preview; DRC Wins in Jersey

The panel for Monday's Second Circuit hearing in NML v. Argentina is Judges Raggi, Pooler and … [Read more...]

Pari Passu U on July 23 at 3 (unless they change it again)

The NML [Elliott] v. Argentina pari passu argument was rescheduled yet again, to July 23. While we … [Read more...]

Pari Passu Argument Moved to July 18

Alas, we must slog through another month to find out how it ends. The NML v. Argentina argument in … [Read more...]

Edge of Reason: Paripassupalooza on Capitol Hill

Like the rest of us, the U.S. Congress cannot wait until the Second Circuit argument on pari passu, … [Read more...]

Sovereign Restructuring after NML v. Argentina: CACs Don’t Make Pari Passu Go Away

A remarkable number of people are buying the creditors' argument that widespread introduction … [Read more...]

Pari Passu: So Passe! (Extractive Edition)

Felix Salmon stays with the Argentina pari passu saga, about which I wrote here. The holdout … [Read more...]

Revival on the Head of a Pin: Do U Pari Passu?

Argentina and its most intransigent creditors are duking it out again (or still) in the Second … [Read more...]

At Last, A Credible Threat of Default: Too Little-Too Late Eupdate?

At long last, Greece is starting to resemble a normal restructuring--you know, the kind where the … [Read more...]

The Disorderly Default in Your Closet Eupdate

Another day, another Greek deal to end them all (more on that soon). Amid the political din, legal … [Read more...]

Greek Gunboat Diplomacy Eupdate and More ECB/EFSF

Someone who wanted to be very mean to the Germans just leaked this document, where they manage to … [Read more...]

The Crisis of Fake Constraints: Greek Denouement Eupdate

Unless Greece and its creditors reach a deal in the next few days, Greece has no money to pay €15 … [Read more...]

Greek VoluntaryInvolutary DealNoDealDeal: Convolution Eupdate

Will Greece reach a voluntary deal with its creditors to write down its debt by 50% in the coming … [Read more...]

Financial Institutions Palooza at the Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting

The Section on Financial Institutions and Consumer Financial Services will have a record four events … [Read more...]

This-Is-It EU Summit Eupdate

A few quick thoughts as the Make-or-Break, Life-or-Death, Now-or-Never EU Summit gets … [Read more...]

Never Mind Eupdate, Greek Referendum Edition

No more referendum. Still my candidate for the most important moment in this crisis. The possibility … [Read more...]

Eupdate Game-Changer: The Greek Referendum

The Greek authorities' decision to hold a referendum on the new Eurozone rescue package strikes … [Read more...]

Regulatory Bankruptcy

My Jotwell review of Sarah Woo's last article is here.  … [Read more...]

Call for Papers: Financial Institutions and Consumer Financial Services Section

There is still time to submit for this Call for Papers -- the extended window is closing on … [Read more...]

Conference on the Debt Crisis in the Eurozone

If you happen to be in Reykjavik or thereabouts in early October--or scouting the web for papers … [Read more...]

Defies Credulity Eupdate

Bad news: Eupdate is back. The last big fix to the European debt crisis, quietly unraveling since … [Read more...]

Our D-Word: Ecuador, Not Greece

In the inane and insane case the United States does skip a debt payment, please let us skip the … [Read more...]

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