August 20, 2017

Obama would just love to delay those defense-cut-related pink slips until after the election …

Some Commander-in-Chief we've got. When House Speaker John Boehner acceded last summer to a debt … [Read more...]

Bloomberg to Obama and Romney: Where exactly do you stand on gun control?

Humans will be humans. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joins the list of those who can’t … [Read more...]

Report: Romney campaign officially vetting Ryan for VP

Let the alliteration begin. Romney/Ryan 2012! House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan has submitted … [Read more...]

Rubio: Politicians want the immigration issue to remain unresolved

Uh huh. Tough-minded Republicans fear monger and the dear Democrats pander, but nobody so much as … [Read more...]

Thanks for a year to remember!

My gratitude to the entire Hot Air community. As Ed indicated in his kind post this morning, today … [Read more...]

Feminists have met the enemy … and the enemy is LEGO

"They have little breasts and fancy hair." The feminist outrage of the day is at a new LEGO product … [Read more...]

Something to celebrate: Partial-birth abortion ban has stopped 11,000 abortions

Lives saved. Remember when Congress debated the partial-birth abortion ban and abortion advocates … [Read more...]

Report: Obama’s latest proposal to stabilize gas prices could backfire

Big surprise. Barack Obama’s proposal to regulate trading margins in an effort to curb the … [Read more...]

Daniels: Romney’s campaign is too negative

No sugarcoating. That Mitch Daniels endorsed Mitt Romney doesn’t mean he’ll offer … [Read more...]

Ann Coulter: Obama’s silver spoon was “an affirmative action silver spoon”

Privilege. Perhaps no one has been so steadfast in support of Mitt Romney as Ann Coulter. Now that … [Read more...]

Pelosi: We have a clear agenda to amend the First Amendment

No bones about it. Eh, at least Nancy Pelosi isn’t trying to hide it that she wants to … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren wants a part of Obamacare repealed?

Democrats distance themselves from the president's signature accomplishment. Democratic Senate … [Read more...]

Dick Morris: Dem gender gap claims are bogus!

Exploding the myth. It seems like every poll tells the same story: “Big lead with women gives … [Read more...]

Rubio: Arizona immigration law is not a model for the nation

A softened stance. When the Arizona legislature first passed a law to require immigrants to carry … [Read more...]

Newt Gingrich’s Secret Service is costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a day?

"Just another example of Newt's arrogance and self-importance." Newt Gingrich said he’d be in … [Read more...]

Romney: Oh, that president … He’s always looking for a scapegoat

Romney won't be it. Maybe Mitt Romney really will be able to ride anti-Barack-Obama sentiment all … [Read more...]

Poll: Of select potential veeps, Condoleezza Rice has highest favorability rating among Republicans

The popular kid. Of certain select potential vice presidential running mates for Mitt Romney, … [Read more...]

Poll: Of select potential veeps, Condoleezza Rice has highest favorability rating among Republicans

The popular kid. Of certain select potential vice presidential running mates for Mitt Romney, … [Read more...]

Boehner: The president checked out last Labor Day

The president gets an "F" for effort? In a pre-recorded interview for CBS’ “This … [Read more...]

Do union workers need a RAISE?

An exciting new idea in the labor realm. Actually, they just might. Indiana Republican Rep. Todd … [Read more...]

Kim Kardashian for … mayor of Glendale?

"In like five years." As we learned yesterday, hot girls have problems, too. Kim Kardashian … [Read more...]

Hey, how about administration officials pay their fair share of taxes?

Turn and turn about. Over at our sister site,, Carol Platt Liebau and Kevin Glass issue … [Read more...]

Romney: The media “vast left-wing conspiracy” will attack me at every turn

Realism. In an interview with’s Larry O’Connor, presumptive GOP nominee … [Read more...]

ALEC announces the end of its non-economic task force

A progressive victory? The American Legislative Exchange Council will disband the task force that … [Read more...]

Chris Christie: I’d listen if Mitt Romney were talking to me about the VP nod

Two of a kind. It’d be easy to take for granted the idea that Chris Christie — he who so … [Read more...]

Gallup daily tracking poll: Romney 48, Obama 43

And the lead widens ... Yesterday, the Gallup daily tracking poll showed Mitt Romney with a smidgen … [Read more...]

U.S. faces a reverse brain drain, as highly educated immigrants head home

Immigration policy matters. An article in today’s Economic Times highlights a discouraging, … [Read more...]

Video: Do women earn less than men?

Happy Equal Pay Day! Happy National Equal Pay Day! Yes, it’s a holiday — and Democratic … [Read more...]

WaPo: We really didn’t want that story about Obamacare adding to the deficit to go viral

Candor. Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton recently defended the WaPo’s decision to run … [Read more...]

Ann Romney: Seamus the Dog “loved” trips atop the car

The dog that never dies ... Mitt Romney has a sensitive side, after all — and that side of him … [Read more...]

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