August 21, 2017

HAMP NPV Analysis Service – Results Remarkable

Real REST Report Results Remarkable When I first introduced the REST Report, I did so with … [Read more...]

New HAMP NPV Analysis Service – Prove the Servicer Wrong!

For over a year I've known that the crux of the issue for homeowners trying to get a Loan … [Read more...]

Pelosi’s Plan to Violate the US Constitution

This Washington Post headline yesterday is all you need to know about how corrupt the process has … [Read more...]

Housing Market Sure to Double-Dip

Housing Market Sure to Double-Dip: Whitney BANKS, BANKING, MEREDITH WHITNEY, FREDDIE MAC, … [Read more...]

FBI Raids Offices of United Law Group – Seized and Shut Down Immediately

A notorious law firm, United Law Group, based in Irvine, CA was shut down today (March 11, 2010) by … [Read more...]

LPS Alerts SEC that trouble is brewing – Fraudulent Assignments Class Action

Lender Processing Services (LPS), a spinoff company from FIS (Fidelity National Information … [Read more...]

Let the In-Fighting Begin… HUGE case for Florida Homeowners

Fresh off the press of the 2nd District Court of Appeals, today the Fla. 2nd DCA issued a stunning … [Read more...]

Important Florida Case – one way to get a foreclosure dismissed

There is a recent decision out of the Sixth Judicial Circuit in FL (Pinellas County) that I … [Read more...]

Report: Obama Teleprompter Malfunctions at Dinner with Family

Well, we all knew it would eventually happen but geez, the poor kids! This guy simply can't get it … [Read more...]

Finally, a Judge Willing to Hold Lenders/Servicers Accountable!

I have to say that reading the below order from Judge Arthur Schack is refreshing. It's also … [Read more...]

Mortgage Delinquencies Still Rising says MBA – More Americans Underwater

I have a lot of conversations with people about our economy, foreclosures and such... from clients … [Read more...]

Bank of America loses in Federal Ruling – Judge says investors own the loans

The report of the ruling below by this Federal Judge has several implications: Mortgage … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Judges & DOJ Rip Mortgage Companies

Below is another story about Servicer abuses... At least some judges see the issues and are not … [Read more...]

Memories of Mussolini and the New ‘Corporate State’ Obama is Building

I don't think Barack Obama is a democrat or a liberal... I think the best statist one could compare … [Read more...]

Entering the Greatest Depression in History

The near trillion in Porkulus Bailout Bills, the massive government intrusion into the private … [Read more...]

Loan Servicer Tactics… Foreclose don’t modify; lie, deceive, whatever it takes

As a citizen, please start asking tougher questions and demanding truthful answers of your elected … [Read more...]

You’re rights are being stepped on… you gonna fight back?

Can I file a complaint against Obama for assault and battery? Don't I wish... I don't know … [Read more...]

Attention Readers: New Forum here at the War on the Home Front

I have spent some considerable time upgrading the blog, the content and adding a lot new features. … [Read more...]

Lehmans owes $627m tax bill says NYC Mayor Bloomberg

Well, well. I sent an official letter to Governor Charlie Crist about this in January. Finally … [Read more...]

Power Grab after Power Grab

The figureheads and czars of the Obama Administration are staging an all-out assault on our … [Read more...]

Taylor Bean Suspended From FHA Lending

This is no surprise. These guys were horrible to deal with and they've treated customers terribly. … [Read more...]

Revive the BK Cramdown Bill?

The report below from demonstrates how bad we need a revival of the mortgage cramdown … [Read more...]

Bailouts continue to those who have nothing to lose anyway

Well, here we go again. More bailout money going out... more promises of helping homeowners in … [Read more...]

How does one person “get heard” today?

You know, if you're anything like me, you've said to yourself a lot lately, "this country is … [Read more...]

Fighting the Foreclosure War – Get the Media Involved

The chips are stacked against the regular folk who by the way are the backbone of our country. We … [Read more...]

N.Y. AG Files Lawsuit Against Collectors of Debt – “They used fraud to Collect”

 July 24, 2009 This is just the tip of the iceberg. Really. Lenders and Creditors violate the law … [Read more...]

HOEPA Loans and TILA Mortgage Rescission

HOEPA Stands for the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act HOEPA is an amendment to TILA that … [Read more...]

Beware of Scam “Forensic” Loan Auditors/Companies

Ok, here we go go again... now the scams have hit the loan auditing industry. Most of these fakers … [Read more...]

Home on the Range…

For those of you who don't own a gun or know how to shoot one, change that. We have a constitution … [Read more...]

Are you a Warrior Citizen?

Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence... "...That to secure these rights, Governments are … [Read more...]

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