July 23, 2017

Bernanke: Who’s up for a ride on the QE3?

“The economic situation obviously is far from satisfactory." Fed chair Ben Bernanke stopped just … [Read more...]

House votes to audit the Federal Reserve

Ron Paul will be pleased. If one cannot “end the Fed,” one can instead go for what is … [Read more...]

Weekly initial jobless claims drop to 350K, but …

... don't pass the bubbly just yet. Plenty of news on the economic front today, most of it poor, but … [Read more...]

How Do You Take Your Catastrophe? Um, just a little at a time, please… with two Splendas.

  We really are, in large part anyway, a nation of petty, self-absorbed, badly behaved … [Read more...]

Four-week jobless claim average hits new high in 2012

Fed twists on economic projections. The news today from the Department of Labor wasn’t … [Read more...]

Bernanke: Yeah, the jobs market is getting pretty weak, huh?

Wonder why? A warning that the Fed will take action — as in, another ride on the … [Read more...]

Fed to WH: We’re not going to bail you out

QE3 stays in port ... for now. With economic indicators flashing red all over the place, the Obama … [Read more...]

Video: Daniel Hannan’s warning to CPAC — and America

Do not follow. Yesterday, I had a chance to interview an honored CPAC guest, Member of the European … [Read more...]

Are they lying or are they stupid?

  I was born and raised in the Northeast… born in Manhattan… father’s family from Boston with … [Read more...]

The Stalinist Era of Consumer Protection

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a part of The October Revolution in 1917… or the Bolshevik … [Read more...]

House Financial Services Committee: Spending $1610 to Save a Home is Too Much – Votes to Kill HAMP

HAMP has permanently modified 521,630 mortgages, at a cost of only $840 million, according to the … [Read more...]

Allocating Bailout to YOUR LOAN

Editor’s Note: Here is the problem. As I explained to a Judge last week, if Aunt Alice pays … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve Issues Directive: Regulation B’s Adverse Action Notice Applies to Loan Mod Denials

In 1974, Congress decided that there was a need to make sure that the various financial … [Read more...]

Lurking in the Shadows… All About the Fed

I found a great new site today at www.fedshame.com - It's a site that has a lot of articles written … [Read more...]

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