July 26, 2017

DEMOCRACY writing help Certainly is the WORST Kind of Government: Problems with The trendy DEMOCRACY

Democracy has progressed to its writing help present kind through a duration of fifteen hundreds of … [Read more...]

DEMOCRACY writing help Could be the WORST Kind of Federal government: Issues with The modern DEMOCRACY

Democracy has progressed to its writing help current variety in excess of a duration of fifteen … [Read more...]

DNC video: “Government is the only thing that we all belong to”; Update: Not our video, says Obama campaign

Putting y'all back in chains. Yes, rest assured, Romney and the GOP are already working on ads about … [Read more...]

LBO AMERICA with Catherine Austin Fitts, A Mandelman Matters Podcast

Catherine Austin Fitts has perspective on the housing and mortgage meltdown like no other.  Under … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Independence. The assumption of natural rights expressed in the Declaration of Independence can be … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Doin' just fine. President Obama’s campaign is calling on supporters to grade its performance amid a … [Read more...]

Man, the state, and the error of David Brooks

America 101. In an opinion piece on Thursday, David Brooks, “conservative” columnist for the New … [Read more...]

Boehner: The president checked out last Labor Day

The president gets an "F" for effort? In a pre-recorded interview for CBS’ “This … [Read more...]

Did “Government Investment” Make America Great? Obama Thinks So.

Three cheers for the "government investments" that made us great! Obama said that Republicans have … [Read more...]

What if government treated eating the way it treats sex?

Rights. It’s a useful distinction to consider.  A particular moral idea governs left-wing views on … [Read more...]

Why Rick Santorum doesn’t owe us a “contraception speech”

Big government ups the ante on everything. … but could do a lot of good with a “nature of … [Read more...]

Congressional Corruption – Members Exempted from Insider Trading Laws

Oh yeah, you read that title right! Can you flippin  believe this? Unfortunately I can but my blood … [Read more...]

101 Year Old Texana Hollis Booted from Her House of 58 Yrs By HUD

UPDATE TO THIS STORY: I have just read that Texana Hollis has been told she can move back in … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Whistleblower: “HAMP was About the Numbers & Appeasing the Banks

This is a must see video to learn about how wickedly deceptive the loan servicing industry is and … [Read more...]

FL Attorney General Pam Bondi uses taxpayer dollars to go toHawaii


Pelosi’s Plan to Violate the US Constitution

This Washington Post headline yesterday is all you need to know about how corrupt the process has … [Read more...]

You’re rights are being stepped on… you gonna fight back?

Can I file a complaint against Obama for assault and battery? Don't I wish... I don't know … [Read more...]

Lurking in the Shadows… All About the Fed

I found a great new site today at www.fedshame.com - It's a site that has a lot of articles written … [Read more...]

Power Grab after Power Grab

The figureheads and czars of the Obama Administration are staging an all-out assault on our … [Read more...]

Q&A on the New $8000 Homebuyer Tax Credit

Here are answers from IRS officials and tax advisers to some questions about the credit. Q: Who … [Read more...]

Obama’s Radicalism is Killing our Markets

By MICHAEL J. BOSKIN - from the Wall Street Journal It's hard not to see the continued sell-off … [Read more...]

Synopsis of the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

On February 18, 2009, President Obama announced his Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan, … [Read more...]

Porky Pig’s Stimulus Bill

The term pork barrel politics usually refers to spending that is intended to benefit constituents of … [Read more...]

Bank of America to get Billions in US Aid

  Everyday, I read the headlines and half of me can't believe what's happening... and it keeps … [Read more...]

TARP Bailout Funds Being Used to Buy Other Banks, Not Lend to Consumers

  Well, here's just another outrageous aspect of the "bailout." The Bailout Funds (ie. TARP … [Read more...]

TARP Oversight Panel Urges Transparency, Accountability

Alright, so we're talking about the largest appropriation of taxpayer dollars (and/or printed money) … [Read more...]

Banks, Bailout and Billions – The ins & outs of "Securitization"

  Ok, so let's break this down a bit because the pundits and the politicians are each spinning … [Read more...]

Where have all the leaders gone?

Here's an excerpt from Lee Iaccocca's new book... Can you relate? "Had Enough? Am I the only guy in … [Read more...]

New Mortgage Bankruptcy Bill a Good Solution

Legislation designed to stem foreclosures by allowing bankruptcy judges to erase some mortgage debt … [Read more...]

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