August 24, 2017

Defeat the Florida un(Fair) Foreclosure Act

The banking lobby just simply has no shame. Are you kidding me? They name a bill the “Florida Fair Foreclosure Act” and the bill is about taking the foreclosure process from judicial to non-judicial. Strip everything else away and this is what they call “fair?” Please… I’ve been in the mortgage banking industry for over a decade and I’m truly disgusted at the banking machine that runs this industry. Truly disgusted. I hope you are too…

Here’s the link for you to take (literally) ONE MINUTE of your day to do YOUR PART:

Folks, if we aren’t willing to take a minute here, a minute there to voice our collective dismay and outrage over these types of practices, then we are truly lost as a country and you might as well get used to being a servant and a pee-on. Seriously. We either stand together or we will all lose separately and in our own ways. The money-hungry, greedy elite are making their moves now and in serious ways. Get it now or forever lose your voice.

Just click the link, voice your outrage in a couple sentences and hit submit. If you can’t do that then go read the bill word for word.

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