July 21, 2017

Five Reasons You Need to Avoid the Luminate a LivingFibber Securitization Audit Service

This lumin-what? securitization analysis being sold out there on some well-known sites is to be avoided in my opinion. Do your own due diligence but here’s a couple cents from me… someone who actually takes the 10-15 hours to actually examine a case, all of the documents related, do my own investigation and analysis and then sit down to type the case-specific report that can actually be used in a court of law or by an attorney or homeowner in foreclosure litigation.

Why not the Luminate a LivingFib Combo Title & Securitization Audit? Because it’s none of what I just described.

  1. It’s almost 100% boiler plate language; (by the way, the Title Report is worth $150, $25-75 for hard costs and $75 for 100% profit for the attorney who’s doin that title report for you, wink wink)
  2. It’s does NOT contain the specificity and particularity required to state a real claim (based on every report I have seen thus far);
  3. It guesses almost 100% of the time on which trust you’re loan is in (based on every report I have seen thus far and if they’re guessin on your report you’ll be left guessin why the judge dismissed your claim);
  4. It is highly software-driven (based on the fact that every report sent to me was highly identical to all others and I even saw one with a different law firm and attorney’s name on it, guess old LivignFibbs is “licensing his software” you think?);
  5. It cannot produce what it’s proponents claim (ie. specific knowledge of what trust your loan is in)
It’s is not worth anywhere close to $1500 in my opinion, maybe $50 for what you really get which is a couple pdf’s of spun versions of Wikipedia on securitization and impressive words like “conveyance” and “depositor” and “cdo” and “remic”  along with a dab of conjecture and a spritz of fibbing.
If the lender/servicer/trustee has not disclosed voluntarily or involuntarily (ie. through court-ordered discovery) which specific trust your loan is in, it is impossible to confidently determine what trust your loan is in. I’d like to find the attorney relying on that guess in an evidentiary hearing! If you’re one of them… give me a call and tell me how that guess has worked you, ya right!
It would be a guess 99 out of 1000 times. There is a very rare occurrence where your loan number or SSN or property address shows up on a trust specific mortgage loan schedule which was filed with the SEC and has been indexed by Google and can thus be found through some online research, work and investigation. That’s 1 time out of every 1000 and dare I say it could easily be 1 out of 100,000.
Suffice to say it is a highly rare occurrence… so this bunk that is being sold to you by the many scammers out there that you can find out what trust your loan is in is a complete living eye…sorry, meant lie.  I’ve been in the industry folks. Don’t believe it… There is NO SECRET DATABASE that only the Wizard of Oz has access to. If you believe that I have a lot in Cape Coral I’ll sell you for a good bargain too…
If the Trust has been disclosed on a document like an assignment, or an endorsement or a sub of trustee notice or notice of foreclosure sale or one of those types of documents, then YES, you know the name of the trust your loan was ALLEGEDLY transferred and assigned to. Nearly 100% of all residential mortgage loans ever funded since the 90’s is securitized. That’s a given. Period. Portfolio lending is and was a dinosaur. Securitization is legal. Fabricating a paper trail is not. Making false or deceptive claims is not. But if no document provided, yet discovered or found in your case does NOT have the name of the alleged trust on it, then your only course of action to definitively investigate and find the specific trust is through discovery. In or out of the court of law. If you are considering paying someone around $259/month or $1550 to guess on this, I would highly advise you to go take your closest family or friends out for a really nice dinner and night out on the town. That would be a more meaningful way to spend your money vs a combo title and securitization guess-my-stinkin-pants-off audit and analysis from living fibbs.
I’ve had the unfortunate role of telling about a dozen or so people over the last 9 months or so that the report they paid about $1500 for wasn’t worth a dime really. I mean, it really didn’t luminate anything other than the report was peddled by thieves with a bar license. Respectable attorneys who haven’t fully consumed themselves with Fibbs Flavored Kool-Aid agree with me… and this all just my opinion of course but the homeowners calling me and who also sent me these worthless reports already knew [what I told them] in their gut already.
I think it’s pretty obvious to sensible people who don’t believe everything they read or hear. But it just plain angers me that there are attorneys and others out there who are taking people’s money and doing virtually nothing for them. I mean, that’s just plain wrong and I just don’t get it. Really, why does it seem like so many people these days will do anything for a buck (or 1500) including just plain lying to people, cutting corners and downright not delivering value to customers. Do this to people who are down on their luck and you’re just a P-I-G in my book. Oh… and by the way, just because someone is an attorney does NOT mean they are an expert in any way. There are plenty of (former) attorneys and other sort of fibb men in jail for all sorts of crimes and don’t think they’re above the law… ok, well at least the banks are and so are judges. Ok, I give up maybe attorneys are too, oh what the hell…..Just goes without saying I guess… there are some really good attorneys out there doing really good foreclosure defense work. There are some really bad ones and then there are some who don’t even practice and just act like an expert and pontificate in LivingFibbs land.

So, I’ll go look for some of these reports in my email history and will try to post a few here so any of you getting to this post BEFORE you waste $1500 can avoid such calamity. Call me if you have any questions.

And, while I’m at it, be SUPER-CAUTIOUS before hiring anyone who is trying to sell you a “Forensic Audit” or any such variation of that name. Anyone who calls what their doing a “forensic audit” is highly likely to be a scam artist like them there folks over at livvingfibbs.com. Seriously. There are legitimate services out there that can help a homeowner investigate their mortgage loan for predatory lending, fraud and forgery claims along with analyzing the loan for federal disclosure violations or any possible rights of rescission under common law theory or the TILA but be wise, marketing gimmicks and fibbers abound using the term “Forensic Audit” and you’d be best to just keep moving there Sally.

To see a customized mortgage loan investigation report, contact me and I’ll help you understand the real difference. It’s not hard once you can compare and see what the scammers and fibbers are trying to sell.

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