August 22, 2017

UPDATED! Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) should be investigated – Video Depositions Unveiled

UPDATED NOVEMBER 8, 2010 – New Depositions of NTC Employees

Hey folks, the depostions of NTC Employees Crystal Moore, Bryan Bly and Dhurata Doko by the Forrest Law Firm are below. Compare my report below to these depositions… great work by Forrest Law Firm. Good to see that these guys have finally been deposed by a good foreclosure defense attorney. No one over at NTC has responded to this post yet… still waiting. Would certainly like to see what they have to say about these depositions.








With the all the news breaking daily now about the massive and systemic fraud in Florida and around the country, it’s hard to keep up; and I’m sure the Florida Attorney General’s office feels the same way as each deposition they complete unveils another deep crevasse in the proverbial rabbit hole this issue represents.

But while the AG’s office is at it, I  suggest that they investigate Nationwide Title Clearing out of Palm Harbor Florida including the depositions of Bryan Bly and Crystal Moore, two NTC employees who, by all appearances, look like the typical “robo-signers” and “robo-notaries.” NTC is basically a mortgage document clearinghouse… Crystal Moore, Bryan Bly and company have signed thousands of mortgage assignments and affidavits on behalf of several different financial institutions – many of which have been filed in Florida court cases and used and relied upon to issue final judgments against a Florida homeowner.

I would really encourage my readers to contact the Florida AG’s office and to submit a request that their office investigate NTC while they are in the process of investigating mortgage-gate or foreclosure-gate as this mess is starting to be called. You can contact the Florida AG’s office and submit a request right online by clicking HERE.

For some examples of the documents being produced at NTC… Click HERE. I mean how obvious can they be with these signatures? Don’t miss the very last page of the attachment linked above… I actually have what I believe to be the real signature of Dhurata Doko from a public records search I did. I couldn’t find anything on Crystal Moore or Bryan Bly but I’m still investigating and will update this as my own investigation evolves.

I officially reported the possible fraud going on to the Pinellas County Clerk of Court in February 2010… Click HERE for a copy of that report.

The FDIC actually has some sort of Power of Attorney arrangement with NTC… Click HERE for a copy of that. I am currently investigating a case out of Duval County, Florida wherein the attorney hired me to investigate and audit what is turning into a really big issue. There are two assignments in this case drafted by NTC and I believe signed by NTC employees but let’s just say for now that these two assignments were provably created after the fact. I can’t reveal more at this time as we are going into a serious discovery phase.

The St. Pete Times ran an article about NTC and Bryan Bly some four months after I filed a complaint with Pinellas County Clerk and contacted them about what I thought was going on at NTC. Click HERE for a copy of that article.

One would think that what’s in this post alone is about all the Florida Attorney General needs to find cause to investigate NTC. We’ll see…

As is my policy, I will give anyone over at NTC the opportunity to respond in writing to this post. I am not judge and jury so I cannot say that what they are doing over at NTC is outright fraudulent or improper. That is for someone else to decide but, in my opinion, there is a serious appearance of impropriety based on the documents I have inspected and the cases I have and still are working on. NTC employees have rendered assignments in cases that in my professional opinion simply do NOT represent what actually happened based on all the other documentation relevant to the case. We’ll let the courts and other law enforcement agencies draw their own conclusions.

If we’re ever going to ensure that Florida homes and property will have marketable and insurable title, then we need to FULLY resolve the fraud and mishandling of foreclosures in this state and that won’t happen unless and until we put every single company, law firm, attorney, judge and anyone else in this scheme out of business, out of the courtroom and hopefully some of them in jail.

All you and I as regular citizens can do is keep blowing the horns and hopefully the media will continue to keep this issue front and center thereby placing enormous pressure on our elected officials to not just give lip service to this issue – which is what I truly fear is going to happen. We’ve seen it a thousand times… politicians seem soooo concerned and surprised and “aghast” at these types of practices BUT ONLY while the media is reporting it. Once the media moves on so do the spineless politicians who simply wanted free press and wanted to appear concerned about consumers.

Let’s get real America, the only way people are going to really go to jail over the CRIMES that are being committed – because that’s what they are, not mere “technicalities” – is for our collective voice to not stop until that happens and that will likely take firm resolve on your part and my part to keep this going until we see justice served. Keep up the good fight! This fight is representative of everything that is both wrong and right in America. This is not, as some say, just a fight for desperate homeowners. Look, I believe in the system. Mortgage lending has a real role in our housing market and the economy – if it’s done right and responsibly. The secondary mortgage market is a much needed industry and plays a critical role in the housing market as well – if it’s done right, with ethics and the paperwork and documentation is completed properly from the very beginning; not after the fact as it’s being done now. If someone signs a note and mortgage and then defaults, the integrity of the system demands that the creditor, the true owner of that mortgage loan, be allowed all of its rights to foreclose if need be. I have no issue with this at all. A creditor has its legal rights and should have every accord to pursue them when there is a default. What I have a BIG problem with is the fraud, the greed, the sloppiness, the lies, the smoke and mirrors. These issues are detrimental to all of us and to our entire economy and to every community.

Our constitutional rights as citizens are being hijacked day by day. The average American is really not represented anymore save for a few honorable politicians who still see their role as being a “servant of their constituents.” The banking cartels in this country which includes all major banks, investment banks, the FDIC, the Federal Reserve and most Senators on Capitol Hill are robbing Americans blind and taxing us in increasing ways. If their criminal practices (I define violating the constitution criminal) are not stopped the largest tax of all on us will be the wholesale global failure of our currency. Once the OPEC and the oil producing countries decide that the US DOLLAR is no longer worth the paper it is printed on and decide to peg oil to a different currency, we will see a major crisis ensue overnight in this country. Think about that for a second… all transportation lines in this country come to a grinding halt… food, medicine and basic necessities would stop being shipped, trucked and transported. You can play the rest of that scenario out for yourself… and it ain’t pretty in any fashion.

My entire point here is that our entire system we call the United States of America was founded on HONOR, INTEGRITY AND JUSTICE and we have lost that in massive quantities to GREED, POWER AND INJUSTICE. Once the rest of this world determines that we are beyond fixing, folks it’s over and it will take decades to rebuild and that’s only if we have the stomach, balls and inner fortitude as a country to truly rebuild a destroyed republic.

Please do your part this November and continue to fight for honor, integrity and justice ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE you see those virtues being undermined. It is going to take a lot of struggle to restore this system but do we have another choice?

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