August 24, 2017

Hey Obama – I’m One of Those People You Called a Working Stiff

You know, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment that the Space Shuttle blew up in the sky as I watched as a kid on TV. I know I’ll never forget exactly where I was and who I was with when news hit on 9/11. And I know for a fact that I will never forget the night the President of the United States called me a working stiff.

Now, I literally bit my fist after I heard this and looked at my wife with combo of shock and horror at what I had just heard. Some 4 days later, we are still talking about this and still cannot believe it!

Just watch the video below and pay close attention at the 15 second mark… at the 20 second mark POTUS just completely jabs the middle of this country with his words and definitely his “world-view” of who are the rank and file in this country, who have bled, are bleeding or will bleed if necessary to defend her.




I think the President of the United States deserves to send me and my wife an apology because I truly take offense at this statement especially in light of the fact that we are working our arses off to keep up with federal debt-induced inflation and the fact that his spending money we don’t have means the dollar in my pocket everyday is worth LESS! I take offense at his world view and his jet-setting, golf club hopping lifestyle while Michelle does her More of Me World Tour.

Working stiff…. kiss my stiff arse nobama. I work hard enough to be afforded good success in this country and maybe I make a bunch a money (like more than $250k per year) and then you want to come shove your sticky fingers in my face and take more of what I worked stiff for to give more of it to some illegal alien who doesn’t pay taxes and gets food stamps and to ensure that all your waste and pork in DC gets covered on my dime. Not only do I think you’re a jerk for acting this way, I think you’re clueless. Worst part is, you just keep blaming other people instead of having an “Ah Ha” moment and being humble enough to admit that your policy and world-view will simply tank the greatest country on earth in one presidential term. Get a clue!


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