July 26, 2017

Home on the Range…

For those of you who don’t own a gun or know how to shoot one, change that. We have a constitution still (last I checked) that affords every citizen the right to keep and bear arms. Express that constitutional right…

I recently purchase a new rifle. It had been over 15 years since I fired my M-16 weapon in the Army before I got out last weekend with my boys and brother-in-law (also former military). What a great time… and a great way to blow off some steam/stress too I might add.

There’s just something all-American about going to the gun range and yappin off 500 rounds in a couple hours. I got to sight in my new rifle and it wasn’t long before the “feel” came back from 17 years ago. There’s just nothing like peeling off 10 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger.

The only thing that was better was teaching my 2 young boys (6 and8) how to shoot the rifle and Glock 23 I own. It was their first time. Dad’s gotta be there when his 2 boys lose their virginity you know…

In all seriousness, I was and have been serious with them about guns and they are learning the respect one must have for dangerous weapons. They are also learning not to be afraid of guns, just respect them and know how to shoot them for sport and for self-defense.

I think that the majority of us “men” in America have lost the sense of how our country was born and the raw grit that each of our ancestors had to have to survive and win the freedoms that we enjoy so much today.

Our freedoms have been paid for in blood. We are witnessing (and allowing) “girly men” in Washington and in our own backyards now legislate away many of our constitutional rights. Our new president and men on both sides of the aisle are simply ignoring our Constitution and creating new laws well outside of the constitutional limitations. The government is seizing capitalism by the throat and choking us all out in the process.

I think the ignorance (expressed in apathy) in this country has reached a critical mass. I also think that when the breach of our collective constitutional rights and freedoms hits a tipping point there will be a massive revolt. Not against democrats or republicans. Both. The wimpy, yet power-hungry politician who neither respects our freedoms or the lives that have been lost – and the blood that is still being shed to keep these precious freedoms cemented in our nation’s history.

So my thought for today is simple: teach a kid how to shoot a rifle, better yet teach 2 or 3. Enjoy your 2nd Amendment right. Fight for it, protect it and hope and pray that a real revolution in our country isn’t necessary again in the future. But be prepared for it, always.

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