July 26, 2017

How does one person “get heard” today?

You know, if you’re anything like me, you’ve said to yourself a lot lately, “this country is changing before my very eyes – for the worse – and those who were elected to represent me are the one’s doing all the damage but I have no idea how I can make a difference or have my voice heard.”

If you feel that way some times, you’re not alone. Not by a long shot. The frustration is understandable. But the first best thing all of us can do is take responsibility for doing our part of allowing it to get this bad to begin with.

We’re all busy and we’ve all “busied” ourselves into un-American apathy when it comes to understanding issues, critically thinking about them and really vetting candidates. I also too think too few are really stepping up to the plate of leadership and we literally have allowed buffoons, criminals and all sorts of chronic liars to become our leaders. It’s only the power and money that has attracted it – and which is now abused so regularly our government and politicians look identical to their Wall Street collar criminals and mafioso counterparts.

It’s all one big “toxic” stew of leadership- ahem, if you will.

Back to responsibility… I am. You are. Yes, we all are, but really, we all have to take personal responsibility or we won’t change. Next step… make your vote count next time. Make sure you really follow common sense instead of the usual hype. Don’t let the media be your voting cue card. Inspect for yourself. I look at people and now commonly ask, “do they even have a remote understanding of me? Of regular people? Do they talk and carry themself like a regular person would? I mean, I listen to Barney Frank talk and I want to reach through the television and choke him. This guy is literally on another planet. My blood’s boiling right now as I type this. But this baffoon has a lot of power and influence and he’s just a complete idiot.

Anyway, your vote. My vote. These are precious moments folks. They go by quick. You’re in the voting booth, you’re out. You selected a few names for this post and that office. You’re done. But did you prepare? I know I haven’t done as much due dilignece as I should have in the past… you?

Especially when it comes to local and state officials. Man, we really blow by these votes so often. The name is familiar, their opposition’s isn’t. I don’t really know either of them so I vote for the one whose name is familiar. Next.

C’mon, you know it and I know it. These local guys and gals aren’t nearly vetted the way the President is. EVERY VOTE COUNTS and for every post and position of elected office. Every single one. Whether it be for your local clerk of court, local judge, congressman, mayor, senator, you name it. In Lee County, FL right now we’re experiencing the unwelcome results of votes for men who have no spine and will not fight for what is right for homeowners. Hey, it matters. Now, these guys are turning a “blind” eye on the foreclosure fraud happening in their system…

And a majority of Americans just ignored Barack Obama’s relationships with certain friends, pastors and former domestic terrorist associates. Really, that’s the most astonishing part for me with the whole thing.

The bible says, “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” – 1st Corinthians 15:33

Bible or no bible. This is just a simple universal truth. Candidates don’t have to be perfect. They never will be. We all have done things that we wouldn’t do again. That’s called life and learning and I believe what eventually becomes common sense and wisdom – if they’ve learned from their mistakes. This is what you look for in leaders. This is what you look for in candidates for EVERY level of office. If not, what’s left of this country can be kissed goodbye – and there’s not a lot of better places to go last I checked.

Mr. Obama’s “company” was partly bad. To elect someone to the office of President with so little experience along with what we know of some of his friends, mentors and associates is an absurdity and reprehensible. It tells you and I where we’re at as a country and how much work we have to do in the next couple of years if we ever want to see this ship “righted.”

So, to sum it all up… it’s all about our vote. That’s how we wield power in this country and we better all get on it when it comes to having talks with everyone we know at every possible opportunity about these issues and about how to really make sure we know who we’re voting for, why and ensuring that we truly wield this power of a vote in a precise and powerful manner the next time we get this incredible opportunity afforded by the freedoms we hold dear.

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