June 25, 2016

FBI Raids Offices of United Law Group – Seized and Shut Down Immediately

A notorious law firm, United Law Group, based in Irvine, CA was shut down today (March 11, 2010) by the FBI after a raid on their offices by the FBI, Irvine Police and other governmental agencies.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time one of the managing partners has been in trouble. The United Law Firm and its two attorneys, Robert Buscho, Bar No. 122556 and Sean Rutledge, Bar No. 255938 were under investigation by the California State Bar this past year. Rutledge later surrendered his law license under increasing pressure from the weight of the investigation.

Russell Weiner, California Bar Interim Chief Counsel said, “The number of attorneys using their law licenses to essentially take money from unwary but trusting consumers is astounding,” Weiner added. “There are literally thousands of victims who have lost money they could not afford to lose. Under the circumstances, the need for public information and protection is paramount.”

United Law Group was advertising loan modification, auditing and foreclosure rescue services. Unfortunately for the homeowners who have been scammed, United Law Group was taking money from people and not delivering on their promises. Very sad for all the homeowners who paid good money after bad.

I know a few people who had been referred to ULG and they were not getting returned calls and nothing had ever happened on their case as they reported. You’d think that an attorney would have a higher ethical standard but there a bad attorneys just as there are bad banks and greed seems to be highly pervasive these days. Buyer/homeowner beware. Ask lots of good questions before you part with your dineros.

California consumers having a problem with the attorney handling their loan modification may contact the State Bar at 1-800-843-9053 or visit the State Bar’s Web site at www.calbar.ca.gov to find a complaint form.


  1. john wright says:

    BofA knows very well that the average homeowner requesting a modification does not have the funds to represent themselves legally. So, the FBI raiding one of the largest and most reputable law firms, will only serve these banks potential agenda. An agenda that might be to scare any law firms from representing the people. This current action by the FBI is not the solution, but a symptom of the over all problem. It is also blurring the lines in regards to who the real bad guys are. It will also further delay the process of reputable law firms like United Law Group from filing legitimate law suits. In retrospect, United Law Group is not only helping me represent myself in this law suit, but every American who is going through the loan modification process.

  2. john Wright says:

    So please, help me and United Law Group send a message to BofA which states, that we will no longer tolerate their potentially irregular, fraudulent and abusive business practices. In the end, the American tax payer did not fail to deliver the BofA bail out in record time, but BofA failed to deliver the American Tax Payer’s bail out in the form of a loan modification. It reminds me of that song by John Lennon and George Harrison titled "Piggies" I invite you to listen to this song on youtube and see if it appropriately fits.

    God bless,
    John Wright
    Tax Payer and Home Owner

  3. john wright says:
  4. The Lakeshore Law Center has filed two class actions against United Law Group and the crooks running that operation.

    Victims should contact that law firm. http://www.lakeshorelaw.org

  5. Erik Andersen says:

    I had united law group represent my family against bank america and foreclosure and they would never respond to my phone call or faxes i sent them eather. Once they were paid contact was miminal.at best.Now there is no contact and i am out thousands of dollars.I will be fileing a complant with the state bar.

  6. Javier Mucarzel says:

    My wife and I introduced papers to this firm for a loan modification of my house. Unfortunately I ran the same track of others who complained about ULG. I paid $2,000 back in September 2009. They have
    responded only three times about my case. I received a nice letter from the AG of state of California
    mentioning lawyers Sean Alan Rutledge who is not eligible to practice law and Robert J. Buscho on the
    same status.For those who are reading my problem, please write to Intake Unit, State Bar of California, 1149 South Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90015, Main number: 213-765-1000. Complaint Hotline:800-643-9033 . My name is Javier Mucarzel. Wife: Lourdes Mucarzel – Both residents of Orlando, Fl. 32817

  7. Mrs. Harrison says:


    My name is Mrs. Harrison and I too am a victim of ULG's fradulent acts of misrepresentation. I would like to know if you would be willing to get together and discuss how we can gather other victims and bring a class action suit against Bank of America and ULG. However, this will be extremely tideous but well worth the effort (fight). If you are willing to join me in exercising our rights as homeowners please contact me at [email protected] by March 31, 2011. Also, It is imperative we bring legal action against any entity which governs financial institutions for their participation and involvement in dubious unethical acts against homeownership.

  8. victimofulg says:

    in 2009 i paid $3700 to ulg to help me get a loan mod but unfortunately ran off with the money and asked i year after for $4000 more to take bank of america to court. ulg members should pay up all the money taken and spend some time in jail as well.

  9. Irene Benson says:

    I was alos a victim of United Law Group and lost about 3000 dollars that I could not afford. Once I paid my money the only contact I had was an Automatic number.

  10. Aiman Latif says:

    I am one of the clients of United Law Group. I lost my property in foreclosure because of United law group. First they pressured me file chapter 7 bankruptcy to temporarily stay in my property saying that after this bankruptcy they will fine antoher bankruptcy, then I received some lona modification documents from the receptionist, which I sent back to her after filling out all the documents and then all the sudden they stopped returning my phone calls, then I received a foreclosure notice, along with a three day to quit notice, and immediately after that United Law groups website disapeared. Tody I saw this new website of United Law group and I am kind of curious whats going on. What was the role of my relatives in all this? I lost my house by the way but I am curious about the role of my relatives and the black cia in all this.

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