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This comes in from a very reliable source, but has not been verified. We hope it is … [Read more...]

Robo-Stamped | Michelle Sjolander Deposition Part Deux – Q. Have you ever personally executed any endorsements? A. NO

Robo-Stamped | Michelle Sjolander Deposition Part Deux | Q. Have you ever personally … [Read more...]

National Notary Association | Foreclosure Fraud, Robo-signing Crisis Highlights Need For Legal, Trusted, Ethical Notarizations

Secretaries of State to Address Notary Compliance, Liability, Consumer Protection Following National … [Read more...]

Robo-stamped | Full Deposition of Michele Sjolander Executive Vice President of Countrywide Home Loans

Q – I mean, have you ever personally, you know, with a pen signed an endorsement on a … [Read more...]

Ally (GMAC), Home of Robo-signer Extraordinaire Jeffrey Stephan, Sets Aside $270 Million for Expected Penalties from Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Ally To Take $270 Million Charge In 4Q For Foreclosure Matters NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–Ally … [Read more...]

David J. Stern | Foreclosure King to Burger King, Stern buys into Five Guys Burgers

So, this morning I got word that David J. Stern is buying up all the Five Guys Burgers in the … [Read more...]

Motion to Dismiss Denied | Bank of America May Owe “Foreclosure King” David J. Stern $11 Million

Bank of America May Owe Lawyers $11 Million (CN) – A Plantation, Fla., law firm can seek $11 … [Read more...]

Occupy Our Homes | Occupy Baltimore Supports Fight Against Home Foreclosure Involving GMAC’s Robo-signer Jeffrey Stephan (VIDEO)

~ Tweet Related posts: Jeffrey Stephan | Ally (GMAC) CEO Ready to Fight … [Read more...]


BOMBSHELL- Your Honor, We Don’t Represent The Plaintiff….EXACTLY! The following is a transcript from … [Read more...]

Full Deposition of Foreclosure King David J. Stern

Full Deposition of Foreclosure King David J. Stern ~ Tweet No related posts. No … [Read more...]

Dylan Ratigan | Exposing the inner workings of Wall Street

~ Tweet Related posts: Response to the Lenders Objections PHH Mortgage Full … [Read more...]

Julie L. Williams | OCC Chief Counsel Testifies on Efforts to Correct Foreclosure Deficiencies

OCC Chief Counsel Testifies on Efforts to Correct Foreclosure Deficiencies WASHINGTON — The Office … [Read more...]

Merry Fraudclosure | 40 Year Community Holiday Tradition Saved as Home is Lost to Fraudclosure

By all means, save the sparkly holiday lights, but let the homes fall into fraudclosure. ~ Snoopy … [Read more...]

Photoshop Fail | Shapiro & Ingle Aurora Loan Mortgage Fraud & Notary Fraud

Document executed by photoshop. M. Headen, whose digitally, photoshopped signature was applied to … [Read more...]

Nebraska Fraudclosure Cover-Up! ISO Citizen who filed the Sealed Notary Complaint Against Joann Rein Resulting in Loss of Her Commission

Nebraska Fraudclosure Cover-Up Posted by L Joann Rein, or perhaps a surrogate signor, executed an … [Read more...]

Full Deposition of Joann Rein Aurora Robo-signer Extraordinaire

~ Tweet Related posts:Full Deposition of Beth Cottrell Chase Home Finance – … [Read more...]

John O’Brien Affidavit | Steve Nagy is an Alleged Robo or Surrogate Signer

If it is not a forgery, it is a stamp… ~ ~ John O’Brien Affidavit | … [Read more...]

Open Letter to State Attorney Dennis Ward | Marshall Watson – Potentially Questionable Documents by Patricia Arango & Caryn Graham

Open Letter to State Attorney Dennis Ward | Marshall Watson – Potentially Questionable … [Read more...]

OUTRAGEOUS | Miriam Mendieta, Esq., Former Managing Partner of David J. Stern’s Fraud Factory to Lead Review of 4.5 Million Foreclosure Cases

You all are not going to believe this one…. Just when you thought they couldn’t be more … [Read more...]

Nye Lavalle Responds to Statement by Janis Smith, MERSCORP’s Vice President for Corporate Communications on the Complaint Filed by the State of Delaware

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACTS: Janis L. Smith Phone: 703-738-0230 Email:   … [Read more...]


Bank Fraud Docx, LLC Law Offices of David Stern Lender Processing Services Cheryl Samons Action … [Read more...]

New Deposition of Cheryl Samons | “David Stern Lied to me” and LPS “Made My Life Miserable”

Looks like we have another look into the world of fraudclosures via the deposition of Cheryl Samons. … [Read more...]

Deposition of Expert Witness in a Securitized Trust Foreclosure Case

By Lane Houk November 11, 2010 It took an Act of Congress to finally get a copy of my own … [Read more...]

UPDATED! Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) should be investigated – Video Depositions Unveiled

UPDATED NOVEMBER 8, 2010 - New Depositions of NTC Employees Hey folks, the depostions of NTC … [Read more...]

Scathing Testimony by former employee of David J. Stern

Oh boy... the snowball is rolling downhill folks. For the record, this deposition by Tammie Kapusta … [Read more...]


Great job!  Thank you so much for this commentary.  It will be an excellent tool for us  at the … [Read more...]


SUBMITTED BY M SOLIMAN EDITOR’S NOTE: Soliman brings out some interesting and important issues … [Read more...]

John Kennerty, Caryn A. Graham – MERS Assistant Secretary, VP of Documentation, VP of Communications, BofA, Countrywide, Wells Fargo

Editor’s Note: Another example of attorney as MERS Assistant Secretary through access to … [Read more...]

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