August 24, 2017

Obama Thinks He Can Intimidate You and Me Into Silence

The anointed one thinks he can do anything because he (currently) sits in the White House; including ignoring the First Amendment. He really thinks he can intimidate me and you into silence and to stop exercising our constitutional right to free speech. Ballsy but wrong. He thinks he can rally the idiots who still support him into intimidating us to not speak out by labeling truth as “lies.” Wrong again. A website won’t do it Mr. Obama and I just hope one of your SEIU dickheads tries to intimidate me at a voting location or anywhere else for that matter.

Want to know what I’m talking about? CLICK HERE. (by the way, don’t put in your email address… just click the link below the email address field to go to the main site. Obama would love to have your email address…)

Can you believe this site is “Paid for by Obama for America” – get a life (and a new job BHO). Paid for by American taxpayers is what it should say because this is the truth… We’ll make sure you get a pink slip in November 2012 and can’t use taxpayer money in attempts to silence (the taxpayers).

These idiots really think they can push American Patriots around! What is exciting for me is that this bonehead is really (and finally) galvanizing Democrats and Republicans alike! He’s bringing centrist, moderate Americans together again! Amen! Keep it coming BHO. You just keep being yourself with your cronies. You think Jimmy Hoffa Jr. intimidates me? Think again… You think Eric Holder, George Soros, Lisa Jackson, John Podesta, Tim Geithner, Chuck Schumer or anybody else like these socialists mean anything to a hard working American Patriot? Think again.

You’ve declared war on regular Americans. You’ve abandoned the core of this country and we are going to deliver a stunning blow to your machine in November 2012. You will not silence me and you will not silence a patriot in any state, of any color or of any particular belief. We bleed red white and blue and we will bleed to protect our country and our freedom of speech.

Thank you for waking us from our slumber BHO and your band of socialist liberals. Thank you. America will be great again because of you, in spite of you. Peace out.

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