July 26, 2017

On Founding Principles

I don’t know about you but I am beside myself these days. I feel like I’m just watching our country’s greatness get flushed down a toilet. It feels like one of those really sickening, dreadful feelings – coupled with a sense of helplessness.

I know we’re not helpless. We actually have a lot of rights here in the United States because we have the Constitution. Thank God and our Founding Fathers for that… As I watch #44 apologize for our greatness and bow to kings while simultaneously spending our country into a grave of debt, I feel outrage, anger, frustration and responsibility.

I think that those of us who aren’t fanatical rights or lefts, democrat or republican, liberal or conservative but instead patriots have made some crucial mistakes. If you’re like me, you just put your head down each day, work hard and do your best to make a small positive difference in the world each day. You appreciate your freedoms but you’re just damn busy and trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Have you ever watched the news on one story or another and said to yourself, “my God, don’t people have a job? Where do they get the time to carry on with this nonsense?” – I say that to myself every time I watch that crazy woman Cindy Sheehan.

So the mistake  that I’ve made is that I’ve just taken it all for granted too much. I realize this now because I’m watching radical leftist fanatics that have taken power in crucial positions who are now taking  from me the things I treasure – or are attempting to. My constitutional freedoms are being legislated away, bit by bit by bit – and so are yours.

I think the biggest blessing of Obama is that he is trying to do too much, very quickly and it’s awakening the core of our country – who are mostly patriots – to what has been happening for decades… that slow erosion of our freedoms and the crawl toward socialism which is nothing more than a civil disease.

So what we all must do – if we’re patriots – is get off the sidelines. Get more informed and take actions. Yes, that’s plural. It’s not just one-time such as going to a tea party. Sounds great and I can’t wait for the one I’m going to attend but it’s going to be an all-out “war on our home front” folks. It’s going to be a long battle to take back what has been being taken from us for decades.

So I’m starting this new series as I continue to educate myself and react to what I’m seeing, hearing and doing. I’ve started refreshing myself with our nation’s  history and started research into our Constitution, our Founding Fathers and our Founding Principles. Our greatest strength is that we can fall back on our Constitution – our LEGAL rights – and not let what ground we’ve given up go any further. If we stand up now – collectively as patriots – we can stop the erosion of our freedoms by not giving one more inch of what the far left (and sometimes the far right) want to take from us. Enough is enough!

I hope you’ll follow along with me, send me your comments and thoughts and get in the game too. We simply cannot afford to stand by anymore with the excuse of being too damn busy anymore. That will most definitely prove to be the end of “American Greatness!”

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