August 18, 2017

Rep. Darren Soto Requests Records Pertaining to Ouster of Bondi’s Former Foreclosure Investigators

I am just going to go out on a limb here and predict that we are at the very beginning of this scandal and that Pam Bondi is in a heap of deep doo, at least politically speaking. This has bad news written all over it for the new Atty General of Florida and I support all efforts in getting to the real truth of what’s happening here in Florida.

It really is wrong to see what amazing crimes the banks and their robo-employees are getting away with. If I didn’t see it everyday with my own eyes and see no one going to jail for this stuff, I’d say you were a quack and that there was no way that any white collar criminal could get away with this stuff so often in such massive quantity. Especially when you marry these crimes to the confiscation and illegal seizure of people’s homes! Frickin amazing….


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