August 21, 2017

Loan Rescission and TILA Violations

I recently started a blog post about TILA Violations and what these violations can mean for the financial institutions. This is a BIG can of worms for them because a large percentage of home loans were funded in violation of the federal TILA statute and its implementing regulations found in Regulation Z.

In short, if a TILA violation is found within 3 years of closing on a refinance transaction of the borrower’s primary residence, the debtor/borrower can “rescind the loan.” By serving notice to the lender of the debtor’s action to rescind the loan, the lender has “20 days to return all finance charges, downpayment monies, etc.” to the borrower and must also “remove all security interests on the property” in 20 days.

If the lender fails to do so, it is in violation of TILA requirements, mainly 15 USC §1635 and, according to paragraph “b” of this section, there are some huge implications for both debtor and creditor if the creditor does not comply with these requirements.

Here’s a sample case that you can read as evidence of how powerful this remedy can be: Belini v. WAMU

Call or email me if you want help pursuing a TILA violation against you. These are cases for attorneys to take up and we have an extensive network of attorneys that we can help you get in touch with.

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