August 24, 2017

Key Solyndra figures get red carpet treatment at Democratic convention?

My Little Cronies. Want to know what Barack Obama’s second-term agenda will be?  Looking at … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan’s Bullshit About Bankruptcy Data

The philosopher Harry Frankfurt famously published his book, On Bullshit, where he distinguished … [Read more...]

Report: Robert Byrd sought FBI/CIA docs to target civil rights leaders

Skullduggery ABC News, in a rather surprising bit of actual investigative journalism, is covering … [Read more...]

Bombshell: Obama chief of staff Daley briefed on Solyndra concerns six months before bankruptcy

Before illegally restructuring the loan? The Solyndra scandal took a big step up the ladder today, … [Read more...]

ABC News president to staff: Our coverage was excellent except for that whole Brian Ross tea party thing

Standards. It’s now day five of Rossgate and we continue to inch ever so slowly towards … [Read more...]

Stewart: So what does a guy have to do to get fired at ABC?

The odd coincidences of violence and media hysteria over the Tea Party. That’s a very good … [Read more...]

Santorum: Romney needs to talk about the imperial presidency

"You're comparing the President to Mussolini." I’m actually a bit surprised by ABC News’ … [Read more...]

WaPo/ABC poll shows a dead heat …

... with a D+9 sample. In 2008, Barack Obama won the national popular vote by seven points in a … [Read more...]

ABC World News leads tonight with … the northeast heat wave?

C'mon. I mentioned this in the Williams thread and have been waiting for them to post the full … [Read more...]

ABC: Rubio not being vetted for Veepstakes

Plus, my exclusive* interview with Rubio on his new book. Well, at least he hasn’t been … [Read more...]

Obama “reframing” speech boils down to Reagan’s 1982 argument

Stay the course? Barack Obama will give yet another speech in which he offers yet another … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Strategies. The Obama campaign is opening a new front in its war against GOP rival Mitt Romney, ABC … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Shiny objects. “I saw it with my own eyes,” Phillip Maxwell, a lawyer who was … [Read more...]

White Powder in Envelopes Mailed to Wells Fargo in NYC – Idiots happy it’s not toxic

Well, here we go.  In our race to the bottom… our attempt to see how far we can push it before we … [Read more...]

Flashback to 2008: Obama campaign outrageously outraged over Hillary’s use of … Osama bin Laden

"It’s ironic that she would borrow the President’s tactics in her own campaign and invoke bin Laden … [Read more...]

Poll: Tea Party support on the decline?

If ABC and WaPo say so ... Support for and opposition to the Tea Party are roughly equivalent, but, … [Read more...]

Breaking: North Korean long-range missile test fails

Escalation. No links yet but that’s the screaming headline at ABC News. Their story should be … [Read more...]

More Ryan: Obama’s getting “more partisan and desperate by the day”

“Desperate and demagogic is how I would describe his speech in two words." I posted his written … [Read more...]

Supernarrative Wednesday

Frontrunner. Super Tuesday was inevitably followed by the analysis of What It All Means. The … [Read more...]

SB 1890 Protest | Lisa Epstein Full Interview – Foreclosure Woes Brings Protesters To West Palm Beach (VIDEO)

Full video of interview above. Link to the ABC News story containing interview below… … [Read more...]

WaPo/ABC ends sample transparency in national polling

Worthless. The Washington Post and ABC News has a new national poll out today.  It purports to show … [Read more...]

WaPo/ABC ends sample transparency in national polling

Worthless. The Washington Post and ABC News has a new national poll out today.  It purports to show … [Read more...]

Video: Team Gingrich concedes claim on offering ABC “friends” rebutting ex-wife “wrong”

Oops. Better get used to seeing this, because I guarantee you it will come up in tonight’s … [Read more...]

Shocker: Folks kinda sorta getting tired of GOP debates

Just eight more to go. Last night’s GOP debate in New Hampshire drew just 6.25 million … [Read more...]

Kathleen Sebelius finally does something right

Surprise! In a move that shocked many, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius … [Read more...]

Special: Photo of fallen hero’s dog

Moment of grace Something nice for the holiday weekend which might bring some hope and joy to … [Read more...]

HA! June Clarkson Former Asst AG to Pam Bondi Randomly Interviewed at her House about Foreclosure Next Door

// // ]]> Vines consume abandoned Hollywood home What are the odds of this? June was sitting at … [Read more...]

Video: Suspect sought in White House shooting

"Mentally ill." Let’s hope they find him — and soon: video platformvideo managementvideo … [Read more...]

Obama administration to “rethink” Christmas tree “fee”

Bah, humbug. This didn’t take long.  Jake Tapper reports that the Obama administration will, … [Read more...]

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