August 20, 2017

Quotes of the day

Unconventional. Bucking protocol, President Obama and the Democrats are planning a full-scale … [Read more...]

Government Uses The Age-Old Bully’s Trick: Pretending the Victim Is the Attacker… and the Bully is Merely Defending Himself

The Bully Will Keep On Getting Away With Harassing Others Until People Stop Falling For His Victim … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

It's not a job, it's an adventure! Barack Obama has campaigned on equal-pay issues going all the way … [Read more...]

Call to Action | Please help us (The Yeagers) stop our eviction! scheduled for Aug 3, 2012

Call to Action!!!…Please help us (The Yeagers) stop our eviction! scheduled for Aug3,2012 A … [Read more...]

Chase Burning Artist, Alex Schaefer, Arrested for Chalking on Sidewalk (VIDEO)

“Do this (sidewalk chalking) at the place where they’re committing the crime.” ~ … [Read more...]

Adam Levitin | Geithner on Financial Crimes: The Dog Ate My Homework

Geithner on Financial Crimes: The Dog Ate My Homework If I rob a federally insured bank and make off … [Read more...]

Help Wanted | Part Time Attorney Needed – If you passed your boards with a D+, and you can sign your name, you possess all the credentials required for this job

Wow… From a recently posted Craigslist ad… We are a collection agency/debt buyer. What … [Read more...]

Schumer calls for “limits on First Amendment rights” during Senate debate

DISCLOSE Act fails once again The Senate has gone 1,175 days without passing a budget. Taxmageddon … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Victory or defeat? However painful it was to read the headline “Obamacare Stands” on Drudge … [Read more...]

Open thread: Mandate-mas III, the Finale; Update: Stolen Valor Act struck down; Update: CNN says mandate struck down; Update: AP reports that mandate upheld; Update: Confirmed upheld, 5-4; Update: Kennedy wanted to strike entire law

My prediction? Pain. Why not get this party started early?  The decision won’t get announced … [Read more...]

OCC Raises the Stakes to Lure Homeowners? Right?

  Okay, so please forgive me for saying so, but there’s something very smarmy about this … [Read more...]

Missing the point on Fast and Furious

Rhetorically proximate This week we are likely to see the next act unfold in the ongoing saga of … [Read more...]

Rush: Obama has become Barack Hussein Kardashian, Celebrity of the United States

"This is not 'President of the United States' kind of stuff." The Obama campaign has been making … [Read more...]

Clinton: Let’s stop attacking Romney’s “sterling business career,” mm-kay?

Qualifications. I know that Barack Obama wants Bill Clinton to act as a campaign surrogate, but … [Read more...]

90-Year-Old Woman Wins Eviction Case Initiated by Bank of America in Violation of The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act

90-year-old woman wins eviction case Eve Ball is going to stay in her home after all. Local attorney … [Read more...]

Five reasons Congress should act now to stop Taxmageddon

The $494 billion tax hike Americans are facing an unprecedented $494 billion tax hike on Jan. 1, … [Read more...]

Bank of America Moves to Evict 90-Year-Old Woman by Breaking a Federal Law – The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act

90-Year-Old Woman Fights Eviction On a typical morning, you can find Eve Ball outside her … [Read more...]

Do union workers need a RAISE?

An exciting new idea in the labor realm. Actually, they just might. Indiana Republican Rep. Todd … [Read more...]

Who’s Watching the Banks? (infographic)

Roll mouse over image… Banks are complicated, and especially in this age of too-big-to-fail, … [Read more...]

Has cheating gone mainstream in America?

Honor, integrity, and rational self-interest now passé? I tend to think that concerns about declines … [Read more...]

WaPo on Jane Fonda: It’s just acting, folks

If you say so ... Ordinarily, I’d be thrilled with someone letting a little air out of an … [Read more...]

American Mustache Institute claims Ron Paul’s support for the Stache Act

Dashing. Why wouldn’t he support it? It’s just the kind of cause any libertarian would … [Read more...]

Chip Parker | Florida’s Rocket Docket Redux

“This is no longer a fight about foreclosures – this is a fight for the very integrity of our … [Read more...]

Thank You from PICO | Now, will you help us thank the legislators who stood with homeowners against the bank interests?

Dear Friends, You did it! Thank you for the emails, the phone calls, the visits to Tallahassee! You … [Read more...]

Panetta: We need international approval to join a military coalition — but maybe not Congress’s approval

"We would come to the Congress and inform you." Via, stick with this until at least … [Read more...]

VOTE STEUBE OUT! WARNING! Bank Owned Florida Elected Official

~ TweetRelated posts: HB 1149 | Florida Lawmaker Greg Steube (R-Sarasota) … [Read more...]



Kathleen Passidomo | Let me set the record straight on HB 213

Kathleen Passidomo | Let me set the record straight on HB 213 Guest commentary Much … [Read more...]

Replay of Florida Senate and Banking Committee RE SB 1890 Foreclosure Act 02/27/12

Click Through to View ~ TweetRelated posts: Comments to the Florida Senate Banking … [Read more...]

“The court will hear those meritorious defenses, but unfortunately it’s not a meritorious defense to say, ‘I just don’t want to pay,’ ” Passidomo said.

“It’s not the bank’s fault or the lender’s fault, if you will,” Richter said. “It’s not the lender’s … [Read more...]

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