September 20, 2017

How’s the View from Where You’re Sitting?

So, I was wondering… how’s the view from where you’re sitting these days.  Is it … [Read more...]

CNN: Hey, how about noted nanny-state independent for Romney’s VP?

(Big) Gulp. The veepstakes story has already brought out a lot of silly speculation and advice for … [Read more...]

Issa: Fast and Furious might have been a political operation to push for gun control

Privilege. The big question from last week’s assertion of executive privilege by Barack Obama … [Read more...]

Extend Bush-era tax rates, says … Larry Summers?; Update: WSJ retracts

Advice. Yesterday, Bill Clinton got into hot water by making the radical suggestion that having a … [Read more...]

Investment Advisor Admits To Misleading His Clients In Order To Make Profit (VIDEO)

Blast From The Past: SNL Explains Wall Street ~ TweetRelated posts: BofA’s … [Read more...]

You know, liberals, Obama did pretty much follow Romney’s advice in restructuring the auto industry

Inconvenient truth. Mitt Romney stirred up a new round of liberal outrage today by stating in an … [Read more...]

The poll to watch right now

Numbers. To quote CBS News political director John Dickerson, right now there are more polls than in … [Read more...]

Romney to Obama: I’d fire that “gas hike trio” of yours ASAP if I were you

Advice. In his interview on “Fox News Sunday” this morning, Mitt Romney again ratcheted … [Read more...]

The latest case of Lin-sanity: President Obama himself

Tim Tebow 2? After at least one friend (ahem, Jazz Shaw!) accused me of taking an unfair approach to … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

"Come on, guys"? It’s already well known that Barack Obama didn’t take the advice of the … [Read more...]

BofA’s Moynihan said of his $5 debit card fee that, “banks have a right to make a profit” NOW I SEE WHERE HE GOT HIS ADVICE!

~ h/t Deontos Tweet Related posts:Jefferson County, Alabama | JP Morgan … [Read more...]

Carville: I’d like to see some panic at the White House right about now

Say, remember when politicizing the DoJ was bad? The man who once famously advised Bill Clinton and … [Read more...]

Mandelman’s Uncommon Advice for Getting Through the Loan Modification Process Without Losing It

How to hold up under the stress and strain of getting a loan modification… Every single day … [Read more...]

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