July 23, 2017

Earth to Bankers, Earth to Bankers… Your Planet is Dying, You Must Evacuate, It’s Time to Come Home.

Okay, this is becoming positively surreal.  Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism calls it “Banker … [Read more...]

When Auditing Foreclosures, the OCC’s Definition of the Word “Thorough” is “Hidden”

The Consent Orders issued by federal banking regulators a few weeks back said that the country’s … [Read more...]

OUTRAGE! Of The Day- Forced Place (Insurance)

The banks are jacking Americans every single chance they get.  There really is no holding them back. … [Read more...]

Republicans Leap to the Aid of Banker-Servicers Over AG Settlement Proposal

Now this is really getting to be down right hysterical… or is surreal is a better word… no, maybe … [Read more...]

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