August 21, 2017

Earth to Bankers, Earth to Bankers… Your Planet is Dying, You Must Evacuate, It’s Time to Come Home.

Okay, this is becoming positively surreal.  Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism calls it “Banker … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren Battles With GOP Over CFPB

I have to say something about what’s going on in Congress these days, because it’s … [Read more...]

Mandelman’s Monthly Museletter – Version 11.0

Well, last month’s was funnier, I realize, but this month’s has a lot more important stuff to … [Read more...]

Man Drives Car Through Bank of America’s Lobby – Police Investigate, Unsure of Motive

That’s a funny place to park. Elias Mercado, age 25, drove his Pontiac straight through the … [Read more...]

New Bankruptcy Court Decision Sounds the Alarm – The USS MERS is Going Down

Preface… Before I jump into this decision by a U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge in New York, I … [Read more...]

The American Bankers Association ‘splains Why No One is Responsible For FraudclosureGate

Gotta hand it to the Fat Cats, they’ve twisted this thing up so tight, everyone can point … [Read more...]

Bringing Up the Rear: Me, Martin Andelman

It was one year ago that The Niche Report magazine’s publishers, Robert and David Pegg, … [Read more...]

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