August 19, 2017

California State Bar Court Lacks Fundamental Knowledge of Loan Modifications

    When it comes to the subject of getting one’s mortgage modified, very few actual … [Read more...]

Brookings Institution | 2.3 Million Children have Already Lost their Homes to Foreclosure, 6 Million More at Serious Risk

The Ongoing Impact of Foreclosures on Children Five years into the foreclosure crisis, many American … [Read more...]

The Backdrop for BROKE: Consumer Debt Then and Now

In the introductory chapter of the book, Broke: How Debt Bankrupts the Middle Class,  I present some … [Read more...]

The Fed on Mortgage Servicing

I had the privilege today of hearing Federal Reserve Board Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin deliver the … [Read more...]

One in Five American Families Have Medical Bill Problems

According to this new report. As Mirya Holman and I have explained in the bankruptcy … [Read more...]

NBC/ Try to Cover the Foreclosures Crisis

Lisa Myers, Rich Gardella and John W. Schoen, all of NBC News and came together to produce … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren’s Appointment In Jeopardy-We Have to Act Now

Elizabeth Warren’s appointment to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the agency she conceived … [Read more...]

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