July 27, 2017

Oh, good: Federal govt pushing to intensify fight against health-care fraud

We're saved! Never fear, good people — the federal government is on the job! As we already … [Read more...]

Will the IMF tap American taxpayers for a $100 billion EU bailout?

Ghost of Congress Past. This is not a new question.  The fund that the Daily Caller rightly reports … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Whistleblower: “HAMP was About the Numbers & Appeasing the Banks

This is a must see video to learn about how wickedly deceptive the loan servicing industry is and … [Read more...]

The Banks to Federal Authorities—GO POUND SAND, YOU HAVE NO POWER

“Wherever books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too.” German-Jewish … [Read more...]

“I think I found a white elephant, flying pig and unicorn all at once”

That’s a quote found in the story at the bottom of this email. Those words are real, direct, … [Read more...]

The Bank United Purchase and Assumption Agreement- Another Billionaire’s Club Boondoggle?

A big part of what’s wrong in this country and the fear that I have about where we’re … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Florida’s Best Judge

Dear Judge: Florida’s foreclosure crisis is not getting any better.  In fact, things are getting … [Read more...]

Our Government Tossed Out Billions of Dollars of Our Money…..

I guess we’ve lost the ability to be angry anymore in this country, but give this a … [Read more...]

You Wanna Know What Makes Me Real Angry????

It’s the fact that all the big shot, Fat Cat, rich bastards at the top of the pyramid are … [Read more...]

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