July 27, 2017

Changing the definition of middle-class

AKA, Republicans are winning the tax debate In a letter to House Speaker Boehner sent yesterday, … [Read more...]

Will the IMF tap American taxpayers for a $100 billion EU bailout?

Ghost of Congress Past. This is not a new question.  The fund that the Daily Caller rightly reports … [Read more...]

Fannie, Freddie CEOs Agree to Face Congress Over Bonuses this Wednesday

“If $900,000 base salary isn’t enough to get someone qualified in that position, I … [Read more...]

Obama Says Post Office Should Cut One Day of Mail Delivery… Now there’s change we can believe in.

Okay, get this… President Obama came out today with both guns blazing, endorsing the end of Saturday … [Read more...]

Obama Thinks He Can Intimidate You and Me Into Silence

The anointed one thinks he can do anything because he (currently) sits in the White House; including … [Read more...]

HUD Investigation Shows Banks Covered Up Widespread Illegal Acts – Government offers to bring them their check and validate their parking

It seems that the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Inspector General has been … [Read more...]

Deutsche Bank Defrauded American Taxpayers- Our Government Is Complicit in The Fraud and You’re Paying The Bill!

The American people are taxpayers are the victims of the single greatest fraudulent scheme and … [Read more...]

The Banks Find Yet Another Way To Profit From American’s Misery–

There seems to be no end to the machinations of the banks and their efforts to suck every last drop … [Read more...]

The Bank United Purchase and Assumption Agreement- Another Billionaire’s Club Boondoggle?

A big part of what’s wrong in this country and the fear that I have about where we’re … [Read more...]

Wanna Know Why Your Loan Mod Was Denied? Call the Bank…They’ll Tell You.

You’re a real dope if you wasted all your time submitting loan modification paperwork to your … [Read more...]

Watch Which Words You Use With Republicans – They Could Take Their Toys and Go Home

Derivatives, deregulation, Wall Street, shadow banking, interconnection… all words that might be … [Read more...]

Obama’s Speech Avoids Using the “N” Word…

(This is the article I wrote the night President Obama gave his first speech on how his … [Read more...]

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