September 20, 2017

Bankstas in the Age of Money

Bankstas in the Age of Money The government’s attitude toward different professions is striking. … [Read more...]

President Obama, Bored With the Foreclosure Crisis. That Explains A Lot, Actually.

  Jean Braucher is the Roger C. Henderson Professor of Law at the University of Arizona law … [Read more...]

House GOP: This Solyndra investigation is like “pulling teeth”

The stonewalling continues. I like that Solyndra has shown staying power in the political narrative … [Read more...]

AP poll: Obama’s numbers rebounding, especially on the economy

Gulp. A little piece of sour candy from your friendly neighborhood eeyore to put you in the right … [Read more...]

Santorum “Tebows” with supporters

Take a knee. Former Colorado Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, who was himself a presidential candidate … [Read more...]

Be careful where you tweet. (And party)

A "December to remember?" Everyone loves a good holiday party. Though it’s less common now, … [Read more...]

Famously press-shy figure gets a new job …

... convincing people to talk to media. I never had a problem with the media’s hands-off … [Read more...]

Time magazine bureau chief: Why did that firebombed French magazine have to stir up trouble by mocking Mohammed?

Blame. Is this worth posting? I’m not sure if this attitude qualifies as “news” … [Read more...]

Video: Florida hotel worker fired for wearing American flag lapel pin

Patriotism. Normally in these cases, my sympathy tends to run towards employers, who have the legal … [Read more...]

Attitudes on Wall Street: Dear God, Give Me Strength

As I sat down to watch Bethany McLean, the financial reporter that broke the ENRON story, appearing … [Read more...]

Bringing Up the REAR: House Speaker Rep. John Boehner

First let me just say that I am not really picking on Rep. Boehner so much individually, as I am … [Read more...]

Culture, Attitudes, and Debt

Rather than a post with a lot of (supposed) answers, today I have a post with a lot of questions. My … [Read more...]

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