July 24, 2017

President Obama, Bored With the Foreclosure Crisis. That Explains A Lot, Actually.

  Jean Braucher is the Roger C. Henderson Professor of Law at the University of Arizona law … [Read more...]

GUEST POST: Debtor Education Course: Are Joe and Sally to Blame? By Attorney Russ DeMott

Russell A. DeMott is a bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorney in South Carolina… and a … [Read more...]

A TIME FOR GOOD JUDGEMENT: The jury is in AND we need judges to modify the way banks behave.

Originally published on December 7, 2009.  How depressing is that.  Two years later and it’s … [Read more...]

Attitudes on Wall Street: Dear God, Give Me Strength

As I sat down to watch Bethany McLean, the financial reporter that broke the ENRON story, appearing … [Read more...]

The Care Bair – FDIC’s Sheila Bair Wants Principal Reductions from Banks With Loss Sharing Agreements

First posted in December 2009,… but re-posted at reader’s request. I’ve had a … [Read more...]

The Most Damaging Propaganda Campaign in History. And its Aimed at You and Me

Originally posted in October 2010… Re-posted at request of readers. When I think of the most … [Read more...]

The Psychology and Politics of Foreclosure

This article originally ran in December 0f 2009, but I’m reposting it because maybe it will be … [Read more...]

New Fed Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin Gives Me Reason to Hope

On October 4, 2010, President Barack Obama appointed Sarah Bloom Raskin to be a member of the Board … [Read more...]

Well, Would You Look at That: Elizabeth Warren Might Be Replaced by a Bank Lobbyist

See, just when I was all be rock solid sure that the current administration could not possibly … [Read more...]

CONGRESS: It’s Not About Right and Left Anymore… It’s About Right and Wrong.

On Thursday afternoon, when Melissa Bean, a Democrat from Illinois, stood in the way of the Walt … [Read more...]

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