August 18, 2017

Video: Romney doesn’t respond to townhall questioner’s “treason” comment about Obama

Outrage du jour. Via Think Progress, which enjoys a power to push stories into big-media outlets … [Read more...]

Egyptian parliament considering bill legalizing, er, sex with spouse after death?

Farewell. Reminds me of that story in 2006 about Iran supposedly requiring its Jewish citizens to … [Read more...]

Important reminder: Hot girls have problems too

They're just like you. Except they're hot. Via BuzzFeed, HuffPo, Gawker, and various other blogs and … [Read more...]

Rupert Murdoch: If you don’t like my newspapers, go read a “crappy blog” instead

Blogs will take his business -- and gladly! Rupert Murdoch has been — and remains — a … [Read more...]

Kathleen Passidomo | Let me set the record straight on HB 213

Kathleen Passidomo | Let me set the record straight on HB 213 Guest commentary Much … [Read more...]

Finally! The Trump/Newsmax presidential debate; Update: “Lol” from Team Huntsman; Update: Trump to endorse immediately after debate?

Show up or you're fired! We talk to a lot of people here who are keenly interested in politics, both … [Read more...]

Excellent: “Daily Show” on class divisions at Occupy Wall Street

All animals are equal. In case you didn’t watch this already on one of the thousand other … [Read more...]

Crisis strikes OWS: How can we do more to accommodate the drummers?

"Drumming is the heartbeat of this movement. Look around: This is dead, you need a pulse to keep … [Read more...]

Obama Bin Laden Compound on Google Maps and Satellites

Ok, folks... as someone who doesn't just believe the first thing I hear, I decided to really do some … [Read more...]

Nationwide Title and Weidner Resolve Litigation, Case to Be Dismissed

After reviewing evidence furnished by Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (“NTC”), I have removed from … [Read more...]

QE2 Leaves Port, Bernanke Takes Leave of Senses

Okay, so you’ve heard that Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke is at it again… he’s doing some … [Read more...]

I’m Interrupting this Meltdown for a Brief Commercial Message

Want to know what bloggers all talk about online and among themselves?  “Monetizing” their blogs.  … [Read more...]

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