August 19, 2017

Katie Porter Named Independent Monitor for California’s Part of National Mortgage Settlement

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has appointed Credit Slip's own Katie Porter as … [Read more...]

Dear Banking & Government People Who Are Reading This…

This was originally posted on May 30th, 2010, and I plan to repost it every year in the hopes that … [Read more...]

AG Brown Issues Warnings Re: Short Sales

submitted by Abby 2010/06/17 at 2:25 pm FROM CALIFORNIA ATTY. GENERAL BROWN re: short sales News … [Read more...]

CALIF ATTY GENERAL BROWN Goes After Bait and Switch Refi Fraudsters

Submitted by Abby: MORE FRAUDSTERS CAUGHT BY CALIF ATTY GENERAL BROWN!!! News Release June 09, … [Read more...]

FBI Raids Offices of United Law Group – Seized and Shut Down Immediately

A notorious law firm, United Law Group, based in Irvine, CA was shut down today (March 11, 2010) by … [Read more...]

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