June 26, 2017

Most transparent convention evah won’t release the names of its donors?

"The people's convention." It looks like the Democrats’ convention organization is taking a … [Read more...]

Republican Filibuster Discloses that GOP Opposes DISCLOSURE

  On Monday evening, Senate Republicans filibustered to kill S.3369, the DISCLOSE Act… “A bill … [Read more...]

Plouffe: Romney backers are trying to “purchase” the election

Team Obama, meanwhile, would never dream of stooping so low. In a miraculous showcase of exactly … [Read more...]

Facing a major deficit, Democrats are scaling back on their convention festivities

Downgrades. Well, ain’t that a darn shame! With their convention just over two months away, … [Read more...]

Supreme Court bolsters Citizens United decision by smacking down Montana

Free speech, for the win! So, no ObamaCare until Thursday, and the SB 1070 ruling is going to … [Read more...]

O’Malley: Democrats need to “stop being so precious” with their money and donate already

"I thought we were working and electing a president here, not a magician." Democrats are starting to … [Read more...]

Noted Romney supporter supports Romney

"There will be scandals" If you want to win an election to the nation’s highest office there … [Read more...]

Is the IRS targeting Superpacs?

When they came for the... Hey… we’ve got some great news for you! The IRS is going after … [Read more...]

Action Alert | Opponents to Challenge Rep. Passidomo on Foreclosure Bill in Front of the Law Office of Passidomo’s Husband in Naples

“Both challengers will need to battle the advantages of incumbency, like name recognition and … [Read more...]

Obama campaign manager to Koch brothers: Disclose your donors

Demagoguery. He’s not ordering them to do it but he’s not politely requesting either. … [Read more...]

Romney’s campaign down to $7.7 million cash on hand

Plus: Romney doubles down on Trump. Proof that he’s sputtering or much ado about nothing given … [Read more...]

Supreme Court blocks Montana court ruling to restrict outside campaign spending

As it should. When a Montana court ruled in December that the state’s longstanding … [Read more...]

Attorney General (Not Pam Bondi) Returns $14K in Campaign Donations from Fraudclosure Firm (NOT LPS) Northwest Trustee Services

McKenna returns $14K from foreclosure trustee firm OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Republican … [Read more...]

Video: Time to end campaign-finance contribution limits

And WaPo's Richard Cohen agrees. Mitt Romney took a few shots last night, but he finished on a … [Read more...]

McCain: Super-PACs will “destroy” political process, and it’s the Supreme Court’s fault

Projection. Really? John McCain vents about the rise of super-PACs in the wake of the Citizens … [Read more...]

Casino mogul dumps $5M in Gingrich super PAC

Awkward Coming out of Iowa, former Speaker Newt Gingrich was hopping mad about Mitt Romney’s … [Read more...]

Campaign finance improprieties at Team Cain?

More sloppy than significant. Herman Cain has been hit with two bad headlines today.  So far, the … [Read more...]

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