August 22, 2017

OCC Raises the Stakes to Lure Homeowners? Right?

  Okay, so please forgive me for saying so, but there’s something very smarmy about this … [Read more...]

Video: There sure were a lot of plot holes in “Prometheus,” huh?

Questions. To cleanse the palate, nerd candy from one of the Internet’s legendary nerds … [Read more...]

Michael Barone’s re-weighted Wisconsin results: Obama 48, Romney 48

Contested. O’s showing against Romney in the exits was the one tiny bit of hope that MSNBC … [Read more...]

THE CRAVEN, A Halloween Trick-or-Treat, With Apologies to Edgar Allen Poe

Okay, so Halloween was yesterday, but I was really busy yesterday, as those with children often are. … [Read more...]

Do women avoid giving birth on Halloween?

Delivery delayed... spooky! And here I thought everyone liked Halloween. The parties, the costumes, … [Read more...]

The wages of sin (taxes) again

Revenue going up in smoke Ah, politicians and their sin taxes. It’s like kids with big bags of … [Read more...]

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