August 18, 2017

Except as Provided in the Syllabus, Students Shall Read the Statutory Section (i) Before Coming to Class or (ii) In Class Unless Provided Otherwise

The legal side of what we do requires comprehending dense statutory texts. Law students, however, … [Read more...]

THIS FRIDAY, Nov 4th: WPB & Sarasota Lunch & Learn Events for Foreclosure Defense Attorneys, Concerned Citizens

These working lunches serve as an opportunity to exchange information, network, share pleadings … [Read more...]

Big Law Pimps for Banks “World Will Come to an End Scenario” after 4th DCA Glarum Opinion

This is deeply insulting to anyone who wants due process and values an independent judiciary. In a … [Read more...]

The Problem With Allonges- The Mark of Fraud…Saxon Cannot Explain Two Allonges…

We all know now that Assignments of Mortgages are routinely faked, flawed or forged.  It’s … [Read more...]


I was reviewing an affidavit of attorneys fees submitted by a foreclosure mill yesterday when … [Read more...]

One My Most Important Posts…Ever…The Birth of The Term…”Robo Signer”

I was looking for some old case law and came across this old post….it is one of the earliest … [Read more...]

5th DCA Win for Homeowner – Khan, Appellant, v. Bank of America NA

This just out from Florida's 5th District Court of Appeals! Big win for homeowner and defense bar in … [Read more...]

Chase Jackbooted Thug Letter To Homeowner- WE’RE GOING TO KICK DOWN YOUR DOOR!

Americans are now acutely aware of the undeniable fact that the banks and institutions control us … [Read more...]


This really shouldn’t be a BOMBSHELL and I shouldn’t have to keep abusing my SHIFT key … [Read more...]

The United States Constitution Has Been Suspended Until Further Notice

When the founding forefathers drafted the Constitution, they did not contemplate or take into … [Read more...]

FraudclosureGate- First Thing We Do, Kill All The Foreclosure Defense Lawyers (Then Throw The Deadbeats Into The Streets)

Has your client made his mortgage payment counselor? That’s all I’m concerned with.  If he hasn’t … [Read more...]

Florida Fraudclosuregate is a Constitutional and Civil Rights Crisis of Epic Proportions

The Florida Supreme Court’s Office of State Court Administrators estimates that there will be … [Read more...]

A Survey of MERS Case Law and The Taylor ReHearing Motion

We’re still anxiously awaiting word from the 5th District Court of Appeals on the Taylor v. … [Read more...]

Requesting Rehearing of a Summary Judgment Ruling

A few weeks ago I posted that I had lost a Summary Judgment hearing.  That loss was most disturbing … [Read more...]

Up Next- The Federal Government is the Biggest Plaintiff in Foreclosure Cases

Get ready for the next wave of foreclosure litigation….this time featuring the Federal … [Read more...]

CASE LAW UPDATE-Another Sure Fire Way to Defeat Summary Judgment

I had my back up against a wall going into a summary judgment hearing yesterday because my client … [Read more...]

How Can David Stern’s Office Just Ignore The Florida Supreme Court?

One of the most frustrating things I find in the current foreclosure crisis is watching the big … [Read more...]

Analysis and Stories of Quiet Title Action

And an upcoming book too which I can’t wait to buy and read. I have always believed that quiet … [Read more...]

NV Judge Grants TRO and Denies M/Dismiss

Please send pleadings motions and order to [email protected] NEVADA case law. Joseph Brown, … [Read more...]

TILA Statute of Limitations — No Limit

Editor’s Note: Judges are quick to jump on the TILA Statute of Limitations by imposing the one … [Read more...]

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