July 24, 2017

San Antonio’s Julián Castro tries out to be new Obama

Green guy. Julián Castro is the first-term mayor of San Antonio, Texas. In political circles, he and … [Read more...]

Dem convention, night one: Abortion, more abortion, Julian “Who?” Castro, FLOTUS

It's time. Here’s the hourly schedule. Even by the dreary standards of this convention’s … [Read more...]

SoFla Woman’s 2-Year Battle Gets Mortgage Wiped Out After Document Review Reveals Scott Anderson-Robosigned Paperwork (VIDEO)

In an effort to save her mother’s home, Idania Castro waged a two-year battle with the bank. … [Read more...]

WaPo: Documents show Rubio’s parents didn’t initially flee Cuba because of Castro; Update: Rubio slams WaPo; Update: Miami Herald challenges WaPo story

Oh my. It’s not as lame as the Journal’s big expose about Rick Perry’s campaign … [Read more...]

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