July 26, 2017

Video: Convention devoted to women celebrates Ted Kennedy unironically

Yeah. I won’t run through the usual litany of misdeeds. If you don’t already know them … [Read more...]

CBS, AP: Dem chair of House Oversight covered up ties to Countrywide for himself, colleagues, and staff

Oversight in the time of Democrats. When Darrell Issa took over the chair of the House Oversight and … [Read more...]

Chris Dodd: These anti-SOPA websites are abusing their power

Trust him, he knows abuse of power. Oh, the hypocrisy! But what did you expect Chris Dodd to say? … [Read more...]

Carrie Fisher: Ted Kennedy once asked me if I’d have sex with Chris Dodd

Obligatory. Can we really trust her on this? It sounds … so unlike him. In a week filled with … [Read more...]

IT’S BACK & IT’S HERE: Mandelman’s Monthly Museletter – Version 9.0

Yeah, I know… it’s been several months since my last Monthly Museletter.  So, what’s your point?  I … [Read more...]

Culture of Corruption: Dodd/Conrad cleared in Countrywide probe

The Senate Ethics Committee on Friday dismissed complaints against Democratic Sens. Chris Dodd … [Read more...]

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