July 26, 2017

Two Weeks in the Life of Mandelman Matters

Lately it has occurred to me that no one really has any idea what I do with my days… and way … [Read more...]

WSJ: How about coffee and gym-membership employer mandates, too?

When satire gets trumped by reality. Well, why not?  Sexual activity is as voluntary as drinking … [Read more...]

SoCal street vendors seek relief from blood-and-urine-spattering Occupy protesters

Occupy etiquette. Occupy protesters in San Diego apparently have no better manners than their … [Read more...]

T-Paw dropping out; Update: State GOP chair to ask Pawlenty to run for Senate

Parting is such sweet sorrow. News began breaking on Sunday morning before most folks had finished … [Read more...]

The Wall Street Wizards Caused All of This- Will They Starve Us Next?

We all know that the mess this country faces is primarily the result of high stakes games that were … [Read more...]

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