July 22, 2017

Health insurance premiums for NC college students rise 51% under ObamaCare

Finding out what's in it. Barack Obama and his campaign hoped to make ObamaCare their pitch to get … [Read more...]

DWS says GOP put ‘winning’ over Isaac victims, Obama finishes up three-state campaign swing

Hurricane Irony. Of course, President Obama was tenderly caring full-time about those in Hurricane … [Read more...]

The dangers of grade inflation for young America

Expectations. Congratulations, young America, you’ve reached the threshold of academic perfection. … [Read more...]

Hey, remember when Obama promised more aid for college students, but expected “sacrifice” from them in return?

"Nothing is for free." President Obama’s 2008 campaign is remembered mostly for vague … [Read more...]

Video: College students analyze energy policy, Obama job performance

On the beach, natch. Here at Hot Air, we want to bring you only the tough, breaking news.  Where … [Read more...]

Obama’s politically-motivated plan to help college students repay their loans

Why now? At the same time that the Obama campaign has doubled down in its efforts to woo … [Read more...]

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