July 23, 2017

CNN plays “Stupid Girls” bumper over Palin Story

Just a coincidence, I'm sure Coming out of a commercial break at 8:40 AM eastern time today, during … [Read more...]

Charles Payne’s charged argument with an OWS protester: “I took my opportunity!”

What happened in one Fox News commercial break. In case you missed this yesterday, it’s worth … [Read more...]

Caption contest: When Perry Met Paul

Really? Jes' one dahm? Yer kiddin' me, raht? Allahpundit had a headline item about this picture … [Read more...]

HAMP, HARP, HOP, HOOP… Like Watching Someone Spend $10 Trying to Fly to the Moon

The Washington Post, with Bloomberg, just did what I had been thinking about doing for quite some … [Read more...]

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