August 22, 2017

WH to Krauthammer: Hey, sorry for calling you a liar about that Churchill bust when you were totally right

"I clearly overshot the runway in my post." Surprising, but when you pick a fight this dumb and … [Read more...]

Pari Passu U on July 23 at 3 (unless they change it again)

The NML [Elliott] v. Argentina pari passu argument was rescheduled yet again, to July 23. While we … [Read more...]


“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”1 Most of us like to think we are honest, … [Read more...]

Obama tries to hit Romney on teachers, cops. Mitt pounces.

Swing and a miss Ever since the president’s now legendary moment of confusion about the … [Read more...]

BAM!!! | First Amendment Foundation Takes on Akerman Senterfitt, & Smith, Hiatt, Diaz Case v ABBY G. LOPEZ RE Purging Leaked LPS Email, Closing the Courtroom

Motion to Intervene from the First Amendment Foundation below. For complete background on this epic … [Read more...]

Akerman Senterfitt Joins the Smith, Hiatt & Diaz Case v ABBY G. LOPEZ | Fraudclosure Case Involving Leaked Email Heats Up, Akerman Tries to Close the Courtroom

And it goes a little something like this… A few weeks ago we put up some documents that were … [Read more...]

Smith, Hiatt & Diaz Case v ABBY G. LOPEZ | Fraudclosure Hearing Involving LPS May 24 at 1:30pm PBC, Florida FRAUDCLOSURE COURT WATCHERS Needed

May 24 at 1:30pm Palm Beach County, Florida FRAUDCLOSURE COURT WATCHERS needed Time: May 24, 2012 … [Read more...]

The Biden gambit

Distractions. Gaffe or gambit?  Vice President Joe Biden created a stir on Sunday when he appeared … [Read more...]

Here we go: Full 28-minute movie attacking Romney’s Bain work debuts at Gingrich Super PAC site; Update: No retreat, says Newt campaign

Plus: Newt retreats from Bain attacks? So help me, news of this broke on Twitter within 10 minutes … [Read more...]

Video: Bill Whittle’s Voters Guide for 2012

Thank you for clarifying. Bill Whittle’s back, and just in time, with a voter’s guide to … [Read more...]

Pipeline opponents’ confusion makes for “testy” hearing

Would your Canadian company be willing to support this U.S. legislation? errr.. what? Closing out … [Read more...]

Video: The competing worldviews of the Tea Party and OWS

Clarity in the confusion. The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street remind me a little of those … [Read more...]

CALAMITOUS CONFUSION in Glarum vs. LaSalle Bank | Foreclosure Ruling Irks Banks, Asks for Rehearing

Foreclosure ruling irks banks By Kimberly Miller WEST PALM BEACH — An appeals court ruling in favor … [Read more...]

Experts Weigh In- Fraudclosure Continues To Plague Courts- We All Pay The Costs

Just last week, the Palm Beach Post reported on hundreds of foreclosure sales that occurred, but … [Read more...]

Chaos At The Courthouse- Law Firm Collapse Causes Confusion and Expense For Taxpayers

It’s time for all Floridians and in fact all Americans to wake up and understand the enormous … [Read more...]

More Chaos, This Time in The Appellate Courtroom

Proving that even appellate courts are falling victim to the confusion and chaos of this foreclosure … [Read more...]


There is a lot of conflicting opinions about this. My opinion is that the confusion arises not from … [Read more...]

Judge Buford Slams Mers for Its Own Confusion

Vargas_MTD_Tentative1 Judge Buford in Bankruptcy Court has no problem seeing the real issues. Here … [Read more...]

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