July 26, 2017

Hot Air Interview: Allen West

Let's do this Down here in the trenches at the Republican National Convention today, we were … [Read more...]

CBS: Sources say Akin might quit if he doesn’t get early support

Pressure. Yeah, well, on Monday there were also sources whispering to prominent conservatives on … [Read more...]

Lisa Epstein Challenging Incumbent Sharon Bock for Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts, Election on Tuesday

“Epstein has been endorsed by former SIGTARP Neil Barofsky, once and future Congressman Alan … [Read more...]

Bad news from Zach Galifianakis: What the Koch brothers are doing is “not freedom”

“I disagree with everything they do." Good thing I already hate “The Hangover” or else … [Read more...]

Video: Congressman uses Colorado shooting victims to justify Obamacare

Class. Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado, on a Facebook and telephone town hall Monday: The health care … [Read more...]

Ford: You know, Booker was right about Obama’s campaign

“I would not have backed off the comments if I were Mayor Booker." Cory Booker giveth, Cory Booker … [Read more...]

Florida | Meet Candidates Who Combat Securitization Fraud and Foreclosure Fraud, Lisa Epstein & Alan Grayson

Hello Friends, Please join me for a Meet and Greet Campaign event where we are honored to welcome … [Read more...]

Abigail Field | Assessing Schneiderman’s Task Force Gamble

Assessing Schneiderman’s Task Force Gamble My latest for FireDogLake. For even more confirmation … [Read more...]

GOP congressman asks Democrats if they’re ready to embrace ‘Obamacare’

What's in a name? Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said last July, “I take great offense when I … [Read more...]

Congressman to Obama: You’d better not be trading away our missile defense, champ; Update: A hint on Obama’s “flexibility” from Putin? Update: McCain calls Obama “a real Etch-a-Sketch leader”

“Exquisitely clear." It remains to be seen how the media will cover the explosive revelation from … [Read more...]

Geithner to Gowdy: If Treasury could ask for just one more debt ceiling increase, the amount we’d request “would make you uncomfortable”

How much worse will it have to get? At a Capitol Hill hearing today, South Carolina Republican Rep. … [Read more...]

Christie: Don’t pick members of Congress for POTUS

Executive leadership I read a lot of complaints about Mitt Romney every week. (Many of them right … [Read more...]

In case you care: Barney Frank is engaged

Forget redistricting: The real reason for his retirement. What — did you think that because he … [Read more...]

Jan 24, 2012 Congressional Oversight Committee CFPB Cordray Hearing (*Bonus* Congressional Bank-Puppet Ass Alert — Gowdy & McHenry)

Event: ‘How Will The CFPB Function Under Richard Cordray?’ Back in May 2011, Elizabeth … [Read more...]

Congressman on Gingrich’s marital past: “Jesus is not on the ballot”

But it doesn't take a Messiah to beat The One. As Rick Perry said when he endorsed Newt Gingrich, … [Read more...]

Can Ron Paul win?

A few inconvenient truths. With Ron Paul rising in the polls, the media has begun to cast its … [Read more...]

Congressman files “no confidence” resolution against Holder

Reporters made him do it. Republicans in Congress appear to be increasingly committed to the idea … [Read more...]

Congressman claims Tea Party, NRA “manufactured” Fast and Furious

Riiight. Attorney General Eric Holder has accused The Daily Caller of creating the story of calls … [Read more...]

Steve King’s uncertainty about GOP candidates indicative of general indecision in Iowa

No "full spectrum conservative" has emerged. Even though numerous polls show Newt Gingrich with a … [Read more...]

Video: Man who helped destroy economy moving on to better things

"I don’t have to pretend to be nice to people I don’t like." Said The One of his retirement, … [Read more...]

Chicago | U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh Screams at Constituents – “Don’t blame the banks… that pisses me off”

“Don’t blame the banks … that pisses me off” Tea Party Republican Rep. Joe … [Read more...]

Rep. Joe Walsh to Eric Holder: You better resign immediately, buddy

Drumbeat. It was faint at first, but it grows ever louder, this cry for Attorney General Eric Holder … [Read more...]

Dem Rep: Regulations are totally awesome for job creation, or something

Broken windows, etc. Minnesota elected Keith Ellison to Congress, so it falls to Minnesota bloggers … [Read more...]

Congressman: With Fast and Furious, administration officials might be accessories to murder

"When you facilitate that and a murder or a felony occurs, you're called an accessory." In a phone … [Read more...]

GOP Congressman to the president: Today is TALK like a pirate day, not ACT like one

"Watch ye purses & bury yr loot." Thanks to a couple of obscure fellows named Mark and John who … [Read more...]

GOP Congressman to the president: Today is TALK like a pirate day, not ACT like one

"Watch ye purses & bury yr loot." Thanks to a couple of obscure fellows named Mark and John who … [Read more...]

Flake endorses Romney

Hmmm. Jeff Flake has announced his endorsement in the GOP presidential nomination contest — … [Read more...]

Open thread: The South Carolina GOP presidential forum

Making the case at 3 p.m. ET. This afternoon will see many of the 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls … [Read more...]

NYT shocked, shocked to find anger at Obama in Weiner’s district

"He is a moron." The race to replace Anthony Weiner in NY-09 has taken a disturbing turn for … [Read more...]

A potential Ryan run? Update: Ryan spoke to Boehner about possible presidential bid? Update: Decision in a week or two

Let him do the job he has. For a movement that likes to point out the disastrous consequences of … [Read more...]

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