August 21, 2017

Pelosi: Never mind the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence authorizes Obamacare

"The liberty to pursue happiness." OK, so Nancy Pelosi doesn’t actually say “Never mind … [Read more...]

Stuff Ex-Homeowners Can Buy for $2,000

  BANK ERROR IN YOUR FAVOR! EX-HOMEOWNERS TO RECEIVE UP TO… $2,000!  If you’re a … [Read more...]

Open thread: The Herman Cain “will he or won’t he” presser; Update: Campaign “suspended”

Should I stay or should I go? So today is the day. Or not. A live event is scheduled to kick off … [Read more...]

Video: Haley Barbour – “We have to change course.”

Hoping for change In conjunction with American Crossroads, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has … [Read more...]

Hey Everybody… It’s “Pretend You’re Surprised About the Economy Day!”

You know, some people like Christmas, others Thanksgiving… still others are partial to The 4th of … [Read more...]

KILL BILL: Arizona Mortgage Lender’s Association Takes Credit for Killing SB 1259

Remember Arizona’s SB 1259?  It seems like only yesterday that we were watching it disappear on its … [Read more...]

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