August 21, 2017

Video: Football fan totally stoked for super-duper-slo-mo

Faster than a speeding "bullet" ... of photons. I saw this yesterday for the first time, a couple of … [Read more...]

Energy on the campaign trail: Romney talks coal, Obama chases wind

Of practicalities and realities. President Obama has been making a concentrated swing through Iowa … [Read more...]

The Roberts Court – The aftermath

The long game Having had a couple of days to absorb the tumultuous events of Thursday in the Supreme … [Read more...]

Video: CNN not exactly buying the War on Wimmenses meme

"It's only now that it fits your agenda that you're saying it's about women's health." I missed this … [Read more...]

Durable goods orders drop 4.2% in March

Biggest drop in three years. We’re just a couple of days away from the Commerce Department Q1 … [Read more...]

Romney wins WA caucus, Santorum falls to third

Plus, Eric Cantor endorses Romney. Mitt Romney won the Washington caucus yesterday, as polls … [Read more...]

Abigail Field | There’s NO DEAL Between the Banks, Feds and States, So the AGs May Still Walk

There’s NO DEAL Between the Banks, Feds and States, So the AGs May Still Walk I’m beginning to think … [Read more...]

Greek Gunboat Diplomacy Eupdate and More ECB/EFSF

Someone who wanted to be very mean to the Germans just leaked this document, where they manage to … [Read more...]

Romney and the VAT

Fair Tax for corporations, or additional funding for Big Government? See what happens when we take a … [Read more...]

What Obama Should Have Done – Ezra Klein, Part 2

Ezra Klein wrote a follow-up piece to his treatise on the Obama Administration’s decisions and its … [Read more...]

Occupy Wall Street garners $150,000 in donations …

... tax-deductible donations. How do the food trucks keep on coming to the Occupy Movement … [Read more...]

Rick Perry nudging Texas Congressional delegation for support

An early whip count. In just the past couple of days, Rick Perry has received two high-profile … [Read more...]

Video: Iran to release American hikers “in a couple of days”

"It's like staying in a hotel." In a surprise move, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has promised to free two … [Read more...]

TSA testing Israeli-style screening program in Boston

Will it work? Our Townhall colleague Katie Pavlich first spotted this story a couple of days ago, … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Chickens Out of Phone Conference with Hawaii’s Homeowners

As my readers likely know, I’ve spent this past week in Hawaii, not on vacation unfortunately, … [Read more...]

KILL BILL: Arizona Mortgage Lender’s Association Takes Credit for Killing SB 1259

Remember Arizona’s SB 1259?  It seems like only yesterday that we were watching it disappear on its … [Read more...]

I Think It’s Now Safe for Me to Speak Out About Loan Modifications and the Secret NPV

I’ve been waiting for this day for almost a year.  The day I could stop beating around the bush and … [Read more...]

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