July 20, 2017

What’s On at a Courthouse Near You

In addition to a post last week broadly raising visitors' physicial interaction with courts, an … [Read more...]

Closed Courtrooms | DBR Rant on Akerman Senterfitt, HSBC v ABBY G. LOPEZ Case RE Purging File

Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player Pacenti’s rant: Closed Courtrooms … [Read more...]

You’ve got to give it up for the Spaniards… unless they’re bankers.

  Camping in Zuccotti Park?  Bank Transfer Day?  Occupy protesting evictions… singing in … [Read more...]

You’ve got to give it up for the Spaniards… unless they’re bankers.

  Camping in Zuccotti Park?  Bank Transfer Day?  Occupy protesting evictions… singing in … [Read more...]

Fighting the War in the Halls of Justice

Below is an excerpt from attorney Matt Weidner. He's one of the good guys and he knows his stuff. I … [Read more...]


There is a major defect in almost every foreclosure case, and it continues even today, this late in … [Read more...]


The fraud and abuse in our courtrooms has come out of the shadows and is now a persistent part of … [Read more...]

Defendants in Foreclosure Get Attorney Appointed For Them (An Attorney Recommended and Paid For By The Bank)

TAMPA – When a lender fails to find a homeowner to notify them of a foreclosure lawsuit, a … [Read more...]

The Hitler Compromises, Budget Negotiations and Concerntina Wire.

In the blink of an eye, Hitler’s Nazi party went from less than 3% of the popular vote to … [Read more...]

Matt Taibbi/MSNBC on the Lee County Fraudclosure Rocket Docket

Please spread this video far and wide…share it with all your friends and other attorneys.  … [Read more...]

The Foreclosure Crisis Triggered The US National Credit Downfall

We all see firsthand the travesty and tragedy that is Fraudclosuregate every day we step into … [Read more...]

The ACLU Lawsuit and What It Says About The State of “Our” Court System

It is critically important that everyone in this country read the lawsuit filed by the American … [Read more...]

Finally- A Challenge To The Court Abuses We’re All Suffering From!

Those of us who have been engaged in this fight for any amount of time have watched as our … [Read more...]

Please Watch 60 Minutes Tonight!

For a variety of reasons, I’ve been a bit quite on the blog of late.  I certainly don’t … [Read more...]

Our Hero Lynn Syzmoniak on 60 Minutes This Sunday!

As this war rages on, it’s easy to focus on all the ways we are losing the battle for … [Read more...]

David J. Stern- Unleashing More Chaos in His Courts

Sure, the rich and powerful have rules.  They’re just different than the rules that you and I … [Read more...]

Agflation, Plant a Garden, Raise A Clam, Save a Farmer, Save Your Own World

I spent a little time in my tiny, but productive garden this morning, which got me obsessing over … [Read more...]

Forget What You Think You Know About Justice…A Scathing Article on Fraudclosure Court

I am so far beyond disturbed anymore.  I was disturbed a year ago after we went to Tallahassee and … [Read more...]

The David Stern Chaos Is Costing Taxpayers Millions- Why Is He Allowed to Liquidate His Assets?

There is absolute chaos in courtrooms all across the state of Florida.  Last week in Lee County, an … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Defense Attorneys For Every Floridian in Foreclosure?

The tragedies in Florida’s Foreclosure courts are playing out in newspapers headlines all … [Read more...]


When the Supreme Court of Florida passed its Rule that required all residential mortgage complaints … [Read more...]

The Pino Case- If The Court Considers Fraud on The Courts You’ll Create Chaos in The Courts.

The Pino Appeal is Florida’s Ibanez moment.  The Florida Supreme Court will soon decide just … [Read more...]

2011- The American Apocalypse

My critics out there that accuse me of suffering from paranoid delusions when I share my fears of … [Read more...]

2010- A Very Disturbing Year In Review

As 2010 skids to a close, we’re all wondering just what do we have in store for 2011.  Well, … [Read more...]

Palm Beach Post- Collapse of Foreclosure Mill Costs All Taxpayers

By now, the cat’s out of the bag, pandora’s box is blown open, the horse has left the … [Read more...]

HEY REPORTERS- Looking For a Case That Illustrates Toxic Foreclosure Soup

Great job to Lisa at Foreclosure Hamlet for picking up on this one…. Have a look first at the … [Read more...]

The Cleansing of The Temple

Jesus and the Cleansing of The Temple- And Why We Need A Cleansing Today My house will be called a … [Read more...]

The Foreclosure Mess- Florida Courts Must Do Better

The national and even international press are on red alert and are reporting the tragedies that are … [Read more...]

Another BOMBSHELL piece of Reporting- Wash Post On David J. Stern

Hat tip to my old friend attorney Claude Walker for “breaking” the Stern story ELEVEN … [Read more...]

The Lender Processing Service Depositions- And An Open Letter to The Top

It’s not just our foreclosure courtrooms that are in chaos, it’s our entire real … [Read more...]

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