July 21, 2017

Overspending in India

Check out this story in the New York Times about free-wheeling consumer credit in India. Much of the … [Read more...]

The Decline in Bankruptcy Filings by Chapter

Bankruptcy filings have been on the decline, but has this decline been spread differently between … [Read more...]

Unmistakably April Charney – A Mandelman Matters Podcast

If there was a Hall of Fame for the foreclosure crisis, and perhaps one day there will be, there is … [Read more...]

WSJ Surveys Economists… US Incomes Won’t Make Up Lost Ground Before 2021

If you want a metaphor for where we are today, think of it like this… We got onto this giant … [Read more...]

Only One Paycheck Away from Disaster… No kidding, really? Go figure.

Okay, so I’m sitting here having my morning coffee and I come across Naked Capitalism’s post about a … [Read more...]

Two Top Tier Lawyers Ready to Sue Servicers for Defrauding Homeowners

For the last three years plus… as the foreclosure crisis has quietly sucked the life out of at … [Read more...]

Well, Now Isn’t That Interesting… All the News That Fits, We Print

1. If IndyMac’s Former CEO Can be Credibly Sued by FDIC for Negligence Resulting in Monetary … [Read more...]


Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? Most Americans know about that budget. What they don’t … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae’s Latest Housing Survey Shows Many Have No Idea What’s Happening

Fannie Mae has just released it’s Quarterly National Housing Survey and the results are… … [Read more...]

Watch Which Words You Use With Republicans – They Could Take Their Toys and Go Home

Derivatives, deregulation, Wall Street, shadow banking, interconnection… all words that might be … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Fraud: Tough Issues With Which to Grapple

This past week, pretty much every conversation I find myself in has something to do with the MASSIVE … [Read more...]

Obama’s Speech Avoids Using the “N” Word…

(This is the article I wrote the night President Obama gave his first speech on how his … [Read more...]

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