July 22, 2017

DNC chair: That awful conservative newspaper misquoted me by, er, accurately writing what I said

Right on cue. This week should be the crowning glory for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the DNC, … [Read more...]

Oh my: Anti-Romney protesters say they’re getting paid to heckle him

'Turf. Thank goodness this story came along when it did. Romney said earlier today that he … [Read more...]

Video: The cookie monsters

"Who doesn't like money?" Granted, this clip is four years old, but (a) Uproxx says it’s … [Read more...]

Could Romney outraise Obama?

Billion-dollar bust. Cue the sharp, staccato violin music, the wail of ghostly sopranos, and M. … [Read more...]

Video: Hey, who wants to cast Eric Holder’s ballot?

What could go wrong? In case you missed it at Breitbart.com this morning, an ingenious stunt from … [Read more...]

NY Post | AGs Foreclosure Deal Still Being Tweaked

AGs foreclosure deal still being tweaked It looks like the US regulators are taking their cue from … [Read more...]

It’s happening: Democratic lawmakers say Fast and Furious proof of need for harsher gun laws

Predictable. Right on cue, Democratic lawmakers have begun to say the DOJ’s lethal and … [Read more...]

Forensic analysis, DISCOVERY: BofA Hides Behind Reconstrust Subsidiary

Editor’s Notes: Bank of America is smarter than most. It has created a web of companies whose … [Read more...]

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