August 20, 2017

DNC chair: That awful conservative newspaper misquoted me by, er, accurately writing what I said

Right on cue. This week should be the crowning glory for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the DNC, … [Read more...]

DWS says GOP put ‘winning’ over Isaac victims, Obama finishes up three-state campaign swing

Hurricane Irony. Of course, President Obama was tenderly caring full-time about those in Hurricane … [Read more...]

Anderson Cooper grills Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Why are you lying about Romney’s position on abortion?

Spin. Between this and Wolf Blitzer doggedly reminding her that Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan … [Read more...]

New book claims Team Obama riven with dissension, drama in 2012

And ... some consensus. Maybe we don’t need polling to tell us the status of this year’s … [Read more...]

RNC on Obama’s interviews: “This is not a parody”

"I just flirted with the President of the United States of America." Heh. Because it’s Friday, … [Read more...]

Video: Lifelike talking-points robot doesn’t like being reminded that Ryan’s Medicare plan won’t affect seniors

55 and over. Guy Benson did a nice job of writing this up but really, there’s no comment … [Read more...]

DNC chief: Of course I know the party affiliation of the PAC about which I said I didn’t know the party affiliation

Oof. Just to quickly follow up on Jazz’s post from Sunday, in which he recounted DNC … [Read more...]

Video: DNC Chair “doesn’t know” party affiliation of Obama Super PAC

The gift that keeps on giving I’ll confess right up front that I’m a big fan of Debbie … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Lone star. It’s a cornucopia of Democratic hacks this fine Sunday morning as Axelrod, Gibbs, … [Read more...]

DWS: The Romney campaign needs to “put their big boy and big girl pants on”

Uh huh. I still can’t believe this “secretive” accusation from the Democrats is … [Read more...]

Obama: “If you’ve got health insurance, you’re not getting hit by a tax”

Admissions. Is the individual mandate in ObamaCare a tax?  No, said Nancy Pelosi.  No, said DNC … [Read more...]

Pelosi made up to $5 million by … offshoring?

Boom. I could have added this Matt Lewis find to my earlier post, but this deserves its own thread … [Read more...]

Speaking of outsourcing …

Backfire. Now that Team Obama has opened up a debate on outsourcing — when they really mean … [Read more...]

Noted monitor of tax returns releases no tax returns

"I file full financial disclosure required under the law" Democrats believe they’ve found a … [Read more...]

Video: DNC chair pretty happy with jobs picture

"There's that old definition of doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Surrogates. Slim pickings this morning: “Meet the Press” is preempted by Tour de France … [Read more...]

DNC Chair: It’s easiest for the IRS to administer the health care mandate, but it’s not a tax

Plus: Florida Gov. Rick Scott is a "spoiled brat." Just remember, guys: The Internal Revenue Service … [Read more...]

Is DWS done as DNC chairwoman?

Dunzo. When it comes to facepalm-worthy political gaffes, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman … [Read more...]

Democrats giving up on Wisconsin recall?

“I think, honestly, there aren’t going to be any repercussions." How can you tell when one party … [Read more...]

DWS: Republicans want to redefine rape, you know

By making the Hyde Amendment permanent? That’s the latest defense of the ObamaCare law from … [Read more...]

DWS: Don’t ask why Senate Democrats won’t pass a budget, because that’s process

Painful. Via RCP and Twitchy, how embarrassing is it when a news anchor on any channel has to … [Read more...]

Video: Do women earn less than men?

Happy Equal Pay Day! Happy National Equal Pay Day! Yes, it’s a holiday — and Democratic … [Read more...]

Do Democrats really want a fight over transparency?

Strategery. Democrats launched a new attack front yesterday against Mitt Romney, pulling together … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

What could go wrong? Lots of religious guests on tap for Easter Sunday morning, including Cardinal … [Read more...]

DNC Chairwoman: I’m confident the Senate will take up a budget

Not what Harry Reid has said. Did Debbie Wasserman Schultz mean to say what she said in this … [Read more...]

Kelly Ayotte: Romney will close the gender gap in the general

It's still about the economy? New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte pushed back this morning … [Read more...]

Fun: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz interview about L.A. mayor doesn’t go so well

"I really find your comments disappointing and borderline offensive." This clip is best appreciated … [Read more...]

The gas price ad Obama doesn’t want you to see

Ambitions. President Obama knows the rising price of gasoline — averaging $3.92 per gallon … [Read more...]

No, this is not a flashback: DWS calls Ryan budget “a tornado through America’s nursing homes”

Stuck on repeat. Friday afternoon pop quiz! Which is easier? (A) Passing a budget and bearing the … [Read more...]

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: I totally didn’t say that thing that I said on camera on television last year

Nuance. To cleanse the palate, fun and games via MRC TV with America’s favorite lifelike … [Read more...]

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